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Discussion in 'Software' started by Lupton36, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Lupton36


    Jul 16, 2008
    If you're going to create a website not only for fun, take the time to think it through thoroughly. The real opportunities on this over-congested Internet lie in the niches. The only successful strategy for newcomers is to select a narrow niche and to fill it with useful content. Some niches, such as "Internet marketing" or "Web hosting", are extremely competitive. Your goal is to find a subject that you really know and like that would have some appeal for others and that is still not very competitive.

    You can estimate the competitiveness of your niche by analyzing related keywords. Create your original list of keywords write down all the words and phrases that you think are related to your concept and can be used by people when they search for your site. Don't limit yourself to single words. Statistical research has shown that most people search using multiple word keywords composed of two, or even three, words in order to get more targeted results. There's a remarkable online tool that will help you find actual related keywords and measure their popularity on the Internet. Go to Website Design Company and start the trial. It works fine, but, unfortunately, it's fairly limited. For more advanced features you can buy a one-day or one-week subscription to full service for a small fee.

    Website Design Company will guide you through 4 steps. Type in your first keyword, and click on the "Proceed >>" button. Website Design Company will display a list of keywords related to the word that you had typed in. Click on the first word which is applicable for your Web site concept and will open another window and show a list of keywords which contain the word you had clicked on and the number of times they have been used by searchers (the figure present in the Count column). Add related keywords to your basket by clicking on them, and then click on the second related word in the first window. Again add related keywords to your basket. Repeat this process for each of the related words. This step gives you some choices that are only available in the full version. You'll see keywords from your basket along with their attributes. The amount of competition is determined by searching for each phrase on the selected search engine and finding out how many sites come up in the results
    Lupton36, Jul 16, 2008
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