Computer not booting up as normal ?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Morph, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Morph

    Morph Guest

    Just lately, my computer, which is a winME, Celeron 333mhz, starts by giving
    me 4 options when i switch it on.
    1. Normal
    2. Bootlog.txt ????
    3. Safe Mode
    4. Step by step ??
    Can someone tell me,why after 6 months it has suddenly started to do this,
    before it just used to boot up, in the no.1 way all the time, now it waits
    for me to actually press 'enter' before going into the boot-up process, it
    is extremely annoying.#
    Hopefully someone will know why this is happening, OH this happened after 1
    day, roughly 3 weeks ago,( I don't even know how this happened so don't ask
    me for details, i was having a virus-bad-time and was running various
    checks) when my computer restored me to an earlier configuration, that had
    about 5 applications mising that i had downloaded lately.The only reson i
    have not tried to go to the last restore point is because i was having a
    virus-problem, and i do not now, have that problem, although, i have this
    boot-up 1, instead ?
    Any help would be cool..

    Thanks fer your Time
    All the Best.......
    Fred aka Morph

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    Morph, Dec 12, 2004
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  2. Guest

    If you can shut down normally then you shouldn't get that message

    Try this

    edit c:\msdos.sys

    look in the options section
    add the lines

    or if those lines are already there and they say something like
    BootSafe=1 e.t.c then change them to =0.

    msdos.sys is a read-only file and a hidden file (And a system file), so
    take it off attributes, make the amendments, then make it read-only and
    hidden - and system again.
    to take if off, use the command attrib -r -h -s c:\msdos.sys
    to put them on, use the command attrib +r +h +s c:\msdos.sys

    you can probably do it easily in windows

    info on msdos.sys switches
    , Dec 13, 2004
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