Computer issue for the record books.

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Hajiki, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Hajiki


    Apr 29, 2010
    I'm pretty sure that the problem I've encountered, is likely to be the only occurrence of this sorta thing EVER.

    The story:

    About 8 months ago, their was a storm that knocked the power out about 4 times. Between outages, I kept turning the computer back on, hoping it would just stay on. The final outage, did something to the computer, because for about three weeks we couldn't use the darn thing; Whenever we'd turn it on, it got past the WINDOWS XP screen (Black screen with WXP logo), then a popup came up saying something about a Password Error.

    Anywho, after three weeks, my mom finally decided to quit messing with it (This probably added to the problem immensely), and just call DELL. After a few hours, our computer was back up and working, but here's the problem:

    Our computer, before being F'd up, had 2 Drives: C, the main one, and E, a secondary one which I really see no purpose for.

    Now, after the computer guy's talked my mom through things, the computer flipped itself on it's ass: Now, the E drive is set as the Boot/System drive, and C is set as the Secondary. Windows XP was completely copied and installed onto the E drive, and the computer has since treated it as the main drive.

    This wouldn't be a problem, but the disk has only 2.4GB of space...
    Windows XP takes up 2GB on it's own, and the other useless files take up the remaining space.

    Now we cannot download anything, because it wants to save a (.part) file to the E drive for every download, regardless of where you try to save the file to, and their's no space for that (.part) file on E.

    Along with that, all of our Sound was removed. The Volume Control in Start Menu is gone, deleted on it's own I guess. Our speakers aren't broken at all, but no sound comes from them even on full volume. Computer scans show we have no Audio Device even installed, but we had one before this crap happened and nobody in this house knows how to remove that!

    I've been working on fixing this thing for a while, but have never gotten any fixes for it. Microsoft's site lists how to change the Boot/System Drive Letter, so I assumed if I switch it back to C, we'd be fine. NOPE! It just changed E and C around, so now C is the disk with 2.4GB, and E is our original main disk!

    I have tried so hard, but I'm dealing with a stubborn mom here - She won't call to get an XP OS Disk, and we do NOT have ours anymore, so I can't simply restore this thing to how it was when we bought it.

    So with seemingly the only possible fix out the window, is their anything I can do to repair my computer?
    Hajiki, Apr 29, 2010
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