comcast sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by anon, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. anon

    anon Guest

    anon, Nov 10, 2003
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  2. anon

    SgtMinor Guest

    That's why I'm on AOL.

    anon wrote:
    SgtMinor, Nov 10, 2003
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  3. anon

    Rose Guest

    Rose, Nov 22, 2003
  4. anon

    William Guest

    "Rose" <> wrote in message
    had a neighbor that had their high speed access but he was having so much
    problems with them that he switched to AOL too.

    "How did I ever get talked into this?"

    William Replied: "Your Kidding...????, this is a joke..? right !...????"
    William, Nov 22, 2003
  5. Rose wrote:

    > had a neighbor that had their high speed access but he was having so much
    > problems with them that he switched to AOL too.

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Shee.
    Gary G. Taylor * Rialto, CA
    gary at donavan dot org / http:// geetee dot donavan dot org
    "The two most abundant things in the universe
    are hydrogen and stupidity." --Harlan Ellison
    Gary G. Taylor, Nov 23, 2003
  6. anon

    Jerry Rivers Guest

    I've been on broadband since it first was available in Michigan.
    First, it was AT&T, now it is Comcast.

    I've had my share of frustrations to be sure, but Comcast is
    pretty damn reliable. And, reasonably fast.

    I just can't fathom anyone paying AOL extra money to put their
    software on top of broadband. Maybe its because people just like
    the AOL interface. For my money, I'll take standard Internet
    Explorer, Outlook Express, and a good news reader any day.

    This is only my opinion - your mileage may vary.

    -- Jerry Rivers

    ospam (Rose) wrote in

    > had a neighbor that had their high speed access but he was
    > having so much problems with them that he switched to AOL
    > too.
    > Rose
    > "How did I ever get talked into this?"
    Jerry Rivers, Nov 23, 2003
  7. anon

    bleed-22 Guest

    I gotta say that I am extremely disappointed in Comcast's service.

    Faster than DSL my ass.

    And I live out in the woods with few neighbors in a 5 mile radius.

    None of them even know what High speed internet access is.

    I average about 500k..

    It was cheaper and nearly 3 times faster with T1-rate DSL from
    Verizon. Plus Verizon (at the time) had a news service that I didn't
    have to pay 23 bucks a month for in addition to the access charge.

    Comcast can kiss my ass.
    bleed-22, Dec 17, 2003
  8. anon

    Zknb Guest

    I am not Comcast shill just a current customer.

    I use as my news server and it does not cost me
    any extra.

    On 17 Dec 2003 03:13:10 -0800, (bleed-22) wrote:

    >I gotta say that I am extremely disappointed in Comcast's service.
    >Faster than DSL my ass.
    >And I live out in the woods with few neighbors in a 5 mile radius.
    >None of them even know what High speed internet access is.
    >I average about 500k..
    >It was cheaper and nearly 3 times faster with T1-rate DSL from
    >Verizon. Plus Verizon (at the time) had a news service that I didn't
    >have to pay 23 bucks a month for in addition to the access charge.
    >Comcast can kiss my ass.
    Zknb, Dec 17, 2003
  9. anon


    Jun 26, 2006
    below is the transscript of the 'chat room' support that I got.

    They had overcharged me (which actually after this call was still not resolved; my next statement had $40 too much and I had to call again). I asked to have the services unbundled but to do something like that.. O boy.

    I recently gave up and ended my cable and internet. Internet DSL I now have from Yahoo-SBC for $19 which is significantly less then the $58 Comcast charged me after I removed the tv cable service..


    hat id : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Problem : Cable TV/Billing

    Brett > Thank you for contacting Comcast, this is Brett, how may I help you?

    > My bill of March 11th shows $79.25 for Cable. However I just signed up for the 3 months special of $39.99. Can you correct?

    Brett > I can look at the account for you. Do you have your account number from the bill?

    > (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

    Brett > Thank you, one moment.

    Brett > Ok what I show is standard cable for $29.99, but the Silver cable is $29.95 on top of that.

    > ?????? I signed up for $39.99. You probably can check the chat conversation I had with the sales person. It is also the amount that is listed on your website

    > after 3 months it would go to $79.25 but for the first 3 months it should be $39.99

    > just go to

    Brett > Yes it does exist, I am changing it on the account now.

    > thank you

    > are you still there?

    Brett > Yes, I found one of the codes forthe discount, the second one is not there so I am lookinng for a similar one.

    Brett > Ok I am going to have the billing department manually enter the code for this since it is not available for me to view.

    > And there is more: I just noticed that the rate for High-Speed internet has also changed from 32.99$ to $50.13. However, this should not yet occur. This is the 3rd bill I receive (first was 2/1 next 3/1 and now for 4/1) and again, I had a discount for 3 months

    > you will see that the bill of 3/1 shows $32.99 as it should have been this month still

    Brett > The rate on that changed because you added cable TV so the price went down to $45.95 per month, but eliminated the discount when the cable TV was added. What I can do for that is take 10 days off the cable internet cost.

    Brett > The discount rate was cut off for 3/10 - 3/19

    > ???????????????????????????????? The price did not go down. it went up from $32.99 to suddenly $50.13. I did not ask for bundling of the two services. To be more precise, I actually want to have a seperate bill for internet since I get reimbursed for that one.

    Brett > No, without the cable TV the cost of that is $55.95. You were on a discount rate for $29.99 plus $3 for the modem.

    Brett > So when the cable TV was added it took off the discount.

    Brett > For 3/10 - 3/19.

    Brett > See on the bill where it has the $45.95 listed? Then it becomes $50.13 because of partial charges for 3/10 - 3/19.

    > I did not ask for partial charges. I just want the bill for HighSpeed internet on the 3rd month still $32.99 and then after that the $55 or whatever it is AND ON A SEPERATE BILL SINCE I HAVE TO SUBMIT IT

    Brett > You have to go to the local office to have the bill split up. Those partial charges are there because those two services are automatically put together on the account.

    Brett > The 10 days removed from the cost are going to make it $30.65 instead of $32.99

    > Well, I did not ask for them to be put together. The billing is on the same address but it is NOT the same source that is going to pay for it. Say, are you paying also for the other people in your street because the billing address is the same street?>

    Brett > No the accounts are tied to the specific street address. All services are put under the same account number and are c9ombined billing unless specified when ordering.

    Brett > That is why you would need to go to the local office to have the bills split.

    > That is rediculous. Nobody asked me to have them put together. Also when I called for cable, I did not discuss any special 'bunding' with internet to occur

    > why do I have to go to the office. Am I not in your virtual office?

    Brett > Those are automatically bundled since they are at the same street address.

    Brett > I cannot create the account to be a separate account here.

    > yes. so I ask you to tell billing to unbundle them

    Brett > That has to be done at the local office.

    > can you submit the request for me to billing to unbundle

    Brett > I cannot, that must be done by going to the local office.

    > WHY??

    Brett > That is because a second account has to be created for you.

    Brett > One for cable TV, the other for cable internet.

    > I signed up online, I chatted online, I get the bill online. The first account was also created online

    > Can you please submit the request to the billing department?

    Brett > They cannot split the billing there.

    Brett > A second account has to be created at the local office in order to split the billing.

    > yes, but you can forward the request to the billing department, just like you just forwarded the request to the billing department to give me the correct rate

    Brett > They can change the rate on the account, but they cannot create the second account for you like you need to have done if you want the bills to be separate.

    > can you just forward the request to them and ask to unbundle this bundling of services . I did not ask for that

    Brett > again sir, they are not able to do that. They cannot split the account like that and create the second acocunt for you.


    Brett >

    Brett > That website will show you the locations.

    > OK, what is your name?

    Brett > Brett

    > Well, Brett, can you please forward the message to the billing department that they bundled without my consent the two services and I want to have it unbundled and mention that I never discussed bundling or discounts because I had both services with comcast for the simple reason that I do not want to bundle?

    Brett > The accounts are bundled automatically unless it is specified not to when the account is created. The first issue I can forward to them. The other issue with splitting the billing must be done at the local office.


    Brett > They will not be able to do anything with that,]

    > so will you send them that messge?

    Brett > They cannot do anything to split the billing.

    Brett > To do that you must go to one of the offices from the link above.

    > I ask a simple question: can you just send this request to unbundle to billing. I did not ask for your comment if they can do it or not

    Brett > A request would not yield any results.

    > so you refuse to send this message?

    Brett > Sending a message to unbundle the billing will not do anything because that must be done face to face by you at the local office.

    > I am asking you not for your comment. I just ask you to send the message. I just want you to send this message. I do not need your comment on what you think will happen next. Can you please send the message now?

    Brett > I am telling you what will happen so that you can do what is needed to split the billing. You must go to the office, face to face to have that done.

    Brett > Sending a message will not get that done.

    > And I as a paying customer in good standing ask you to send a message to billing to have it split in 2 seperate bills. Can you just send this message please?

    Brett > OK. Do you have any other questions or concerns today?

    > yes, will you just send the message or not?

    Brett > Billing cannot split that. That must be done by the local office.

    Brett > There is no message I can send them to have that done.

    > I did not ask that question. I asked if you will send that message

    Brett > You must do that face to face at the local office.

    > can I talk to your supervisor?

    Brett > I am the floor lead on duty at this time. That is why I have been trying to point you in the right direction for this.

    > appearently you are the only one on that floor since it took also forever to just get a response. So where is your supervisor?

    Brett > I am only in the chat to assist because we had several no-shows today. There is no supervisor or any other superior availble.

    > I know that already. but where is your supervisor. that was my question

    Brett > If someone else were to receive the chat and you had asked for a supervisor then you would be sent to talk to me.

    > what is the name of your supervisor?

    Brett > Therefore I am providing the answer that you would have received.

    Brett > I can have them call you the next time that they come in if you would like.

    > yes. do that. but what is her/his name so I know who will be calling?

    Brett > I am not at liberty to provide their name without their approval..

    > the first name than.

    > or their company ID

    Brett > I have provided you with the answer to the issue in getting these bills split. This is not something that I can stress any further.

    Brett > Do you have any other questions or concerns today?

    > NO YOU HAVE NOT. I asked you for 2 simple things and you refuse to even answer my question. instead you come up with excuses not to do that.

    > so how do I know that your supervisor is calling?

    Brett > The answer that you want me to provide is one that I cannot provide.

    Brett > You must take care of that at the local office. Thank you for contacting Comcast's online support center, have a wonderful day.

    Brett > Analyst has closed chat and left the room
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2006
    mco, Jun 26, 2006
  10. anon

    Jun 7, 2011
    Comcast Sucks A$$

    overpriced and the service is terrible. Monopoly in SW Florida, I HATE comcast
    , Jun 7, 2011
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