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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Harley Giles, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. Harley Giles

    Harley Giles Guest

    Hi Max and All,

    I wanted to clarify how the Hitwise Top 10 Awards work...

    1. Each quarter Hitwise recognises the top 10 websites across the 150
    industry categories that we monitor with a top 10 award. We notify the
    winners of these awards via email each quarter and provide them with a Top
    10 logo should they want to display this award on their site. Winners of the
    Top 10 awards do not have to be a client of the Hitwise service - they
    simply need to register with us so we know who to send the award to.

    2. Hitwise monitors and reports on all of the most popularly accessed sites
    that New Zealanders are visiting regardless of whether they are a Hitwise
    client or have registered for the Top 10 Award. By monitoring all sites
    visited by users we are the only ratings company in the market that are able
    to provide 'complete' Top 10 lists that look at all sites being visited -
    not just client sites.

    3. The Top 10 Award is simply an indication that your site was a Top 10 site
    within a particular category for the quarter - the awards are not
    accompanied by Hitwise clickstream, search term, demographic or detailed
    rankings data. They are simply an indication that you were a Top 10 site.

    We originally started the Top 10 awards in an effort to recognise those
    sites that were the leaders within each industry.

    The Hitwise competitive intelligence service in New Zealand has a variety of
    access levels with prices ranging between NZ$3,000 and NZ$9,300, depending
    on the number of categories and features that a client wishes to access.

    Should you have any further questions on this please do not hesitate to
    contact me directly.

    Kind Regards

    International Business Development

    Hitwise Pty Ltd
    Level 7
    580 St. Kilda Road
    Melbourne, Victoria 3004

    Phone: +61 3 8530 2400
    Mobile: +61 413 936 436
    Harley Giles, Aug 6, 2003
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  2. On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 06:26:13 GMT, "Harley Giles"
    <> wrote:

    >Hi Max and All,
    >I wanted to clarify how the Hitwise Top 10 Awards work...
    >1. Each quarter Hitwise recognises the top 10 websites across the 150
    >industry categories that we monitor with a top 10 award.

    So that's 1,500 awards for NZ websites.

    Given that there are probably only a couple of hundred or so NZ
    websites that attract anything more than a few thousand visitors a
    month, aren't some of those awards just a little silly?

    While it might make good marketing sense for HitWise to try and get
    their logo plastered over up to 1,500 websites, doesn't the fact that
    almost every site generating any traffic at all must qualify tend to
    devalue the value of such an award?

    I seem to regularly score second in my category (whatever that is) but
    have a policy of not displaying ego-stickers on my sites because,
    without any proper context, they mean absolutely nothing.

    Perhaps you ought to send award winners a little more information
    along with their ranking. For example -- how about telling them who
    was immediately ahead of them and immediately behind them in the

    you can contact me via
    Bruce Simpson, Aug 6, 2003
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