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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by davor, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. davor

    davor Guest

    Hallo all!

    I'm planning big reconstruction on out office network. Regarding our
    plan I have few questions and please, if you can help, please do!
    Thank you in advance!

    Now we have HP Proliant ML350 server (we are using it mainly as file
    and print server), 24 switch HP Procurve 2524, 20 pcs Windows XP
    desktop PC and notebooks and 3 Linksys AP. Our internet connection is
    shared 5/5 Mbps link with most closed ports except for web, e-mail and
    other only basic usage. We have static IP address.

    Our plan is to allow our employees to connect to server through VPN,
    start Exchange e-mail server with OutlookWebAccess. To do this we plan
    to get another slower internet connection 1/1 but with all open ports
    with static IP and to buy firewall, probably Cisco ASA 5505. I must
    keep my 5/5Mbps connection because contract agreement so my only
    option is to get another all-port-open connection for exchange, VPN,

    Picture shows future network plan, lousy drawn.

    My questions are:

    On ASA 5505 is it possible to configure that some internet traffic go
    through first internet provider 5/5 (web, etc...) and other traffic
    through second internet provider 1/1 (e-mail, VPN, OWA...)? And maybe
    if 5/5 fails that 1/1 takes over all traffic. Some sort load balancing/
    failover/specific type traffic all-in-one.

    If my only server is fileserver, printserver and exchange server
    should I put it in DMZ VLAN or INSIDE VLAN on ASA 5505?

    Should I connect network printers and access points to Inside VLAN on
    ASA or to my switch? What is better?

    Does anyone know link to download FULL USER GUIDE for ASA 5505? I
    can't found it, only GETTING STARTED GUIDE...

    I am reading Cisco ASA 5505 Getting started guide and cannon find
    answers to my questions. I have no experience in using appliance
    firewalls so my question may sound stupid... And sorry about my

    Best regards
    davor, Dec 3, 2007
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