Cisco 2602 P2P T1 - line protocol down

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by, Dec 6, 2004.

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    Hello all,

    To begin with, I am new to Cisco routers - (I have read the CCNA Intro
    ECG once so far) - and just became responsible for two Cisco 2620
    routers which are used for Internet access, a corporate VPN, and a P2P
    connection for our IP phone system.

    To start with, we have two locations, A & B. Each location has a
    single 2620 router. Each router contains an internal CSU/DSU (WIC 1DSU
    T1) in serial 0/0 which is connected via an ethernet cable to a public
    T1 line. Each router also has an external CSU/DSU (Paradyne Acculink
    3162) connected via a serial cable to the WIC 1T in serial 0/1. The
    Paradyne is also connected via a CAT-5 cable to our IP phone system.

    A third-party consultant was on-site several months ago to configure
    the phone system to communicate via the new P2P line - the phone system
    works fine, but I am unable to establish any sort of IP communication
    between the two interfaces.

    We currently have a VPN tunnel created over the public T1 connections,
    between our firewalls, which is functioning fine. The second T1 was
    added to create a P2P connection which is supposed to be used to
    transfer voice (12 timeslots) and data (12 timeslots) for our new phone
    system. At this point, the phone system is working fine, but I am
    unable to get the line protocol to come up. Also, the "STAT" light is
    not illuminated on the P2P T1 terminator card. I have brought this to
    the attention of the phone company, but they say everything tests fine.

    >From what I have done so far, I believe the problem probably lies

    within the configuration of the Paradyne units, but I have no clue how
    to view their configuration, let alone access them.

    I know that I should probably post my running-configs - but I am unsure
    as to what information to remove (other than passwords). If anyone
    would like to assist me, please let me know and I will post the

    If there are any basic troubleshooting steps you can recommend, my ears
    are open - like I said, I'm new to Ciscos, and I really want to learn
    as much as I can.

    Thanks in advance,


    One last tidbit - when I am telnetted into the routers, I see no routes
    referencing the assigned IPs of the P2P interfaces. What I mean is,
    Site A is and Site B is If I try to traceroute
    to Site A from Site B, I do not see the traffic going out the interface... is this simply due to the fact that the line
    protocol isn't up?
    , Dec 6, 2004
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