Changing the order of the processes in the task bar?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by marist@erolls.invalid, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Not sure if my terminology is clear here, but let me describe what I'm
    trying to do:

    In Windows XP (that's what I'm using, but any Windows really), as I open
    documents or start processes, an entry appears in the task bar (or the
    gray area along the bottom of my monitor). So if I start browsing the
    web, open a Word document, open an Excel spreadsheet, and check my
    computer for spyware, I'll have stuff at the bottom of my monitor
    showing those processes. Left to right, that will be Internet Explorer,
    Word, Excel, Ad-Aware, in the order the things were started.

    When I'm at work, I get used to having these process things in a certain
    order (I have a lot of stuff going on, and it's just easier to know
    where each one is). I'm careful to open the applications in a certain
    order. But if I inadvertantly close an application then reopen it, it
    appears all the way on the right.

    So here's my question. Other than closing applications and reopening
    them in the order I want them to appear, is there any way to reorder the
    process symbols at the bottom of my screen? In other words, if for
    example IE is on the left and six other things are open to its right and
    I then close IE, is there a way of moving its symbol from the far right
    of the monitor, where it will appear when I reopen it, to the far left
    bottom of the monitor, where I'm used to seeing it?
    , Jul 17, 2005
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