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    Dear all,

    I'm not a spammer/bot. Real guy - with a real offer for you to

    I am reselling 2 IT networking courses that I have purchased. The
    courses are a full MCSE 2003 and a CCNP and they will be held in a
    training centre in central Mumbai, India. The school website is they have been there since 1985 and yes - taking
    this offer up means spending a month in India for the training.

    It is an excellent school. I did a CCNA course there and was very
    happy with my score. I wanted to continue with the MCSE and CCNP and
    paid in advance but I had to change my plans. The school doesn't do
    refunds but was willing to do a transfer to another person and hence
    this offer. All this can be verified with Computfield. Ask to speak
    with Mahomedally Khairaz.

    As I want to get this sorted I am willing to offer you the following:

    Course Original price My price Duration (Hrs.) Duration (Days)
    MCSE US$575 US$350 160 30
    CCNA US$1145 US$650 160 30

    Just to give you an idea of how much these course will cost elsewhere:
    London: ( /
    MCSE2003 US$2600 CCNP US$6000
    New York: ( / /
    MCSE2003 US$2100-2600 CCNP US$3000-4000
    India: (
    MCSE2003 US$3900-4330 CCNP US$3345-3715
    (Also - If you decide to go for a course in the western world - the
    expense whilst studying full time would be much higher)

    Dates of the courses are flexible and need to be arranged with
    Compufield (you can in theory schedule the course for anytime in the
    next year)

    What's the advantage? - It's better than studying on your own. You get
    trained by an expert. Taking some time off means you get it done
    faster as you'll be much more focused with no distractions. You don't
    need to buy a lab (and we all know the problems with simulators). You
    get a flavour of what life in India is like and you're only a train
    ride away from Goa and the amazing beaches there.

    Why so cheap - Because it's a headache for me and I want to get this
    What does it include - classroom lectures, books, free access to the
    What does it not include - accommodation/food/beer

    I am not representing the school. I am an ex-student living in
    England. As of such - I can only offer 1 MCSE course and 1 CCNP
    course. That's it.

    If you're interested - please get back to me on email (I don't visit
    this forum often)

    (this email was created especially for this
    offer to avoid spam which will be coming my way...)
    , Sep 29, 2007
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