Canon s410 - best uncorrected image quality in its class?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by, Jul 18, 2004.

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    Hello, I've been trying to decide on a compact camera by using the

    To my unexperienced eye it seems like the Canon s410 has (currently) the
    best uncorrected image quality in its class? Is there anyone who has
    used the Canon s410 and either switched to it or returned it, on the
    basis of image quality?

    For "best" I am mainly going by the color chart in the first Test Box
    image and looking for (1) how black the blacks are, (2) how much noise I
    see for the different colors, (3) how much bleeding(?) I see around the
    boxes. Also looking at the bell, (4) how much chromatic aberration
    there is around the specular highlights. I realize there are other
    definitions of best but those are the ones where it is easiest for me to
    see a difference.

    The main contenders:

    Canon s410 - the blacks look relatively black, there is relatively
    little noise or bleeding, however I do see some CA (or purple fringing?)
    on the bell.

    Canon s500 - significant noise and bleeding and about 3x the amount of
    purple fringing on the bell.

    Minolta DiMAGE Xt - I was really hoping the X50 (not yet released) would
    be a contender but I don't see how that would be possible looking at the
    Xt since it will have 5MP packed into almost the same sensor size. On
    the Xt there is TERRIBLE noise. It's too bad because the blacks do seem
    a little blacker and the bleeding and purple fringing seem a little
    better than s410. But I don't see how anyone could use this camera with
    the noise :(

    Sony DSC-T1 - BEAUTIFUL blacks and better than s410 on all the tests I
    listed, however as other people have pointed out it must be doing this
    by destroying detail. When I look at the skin tests there is no texture
    compared to s410 and grass is blurry etc. It also seems unnaturally
    warmer compared to s410.

    I should say that I'm looking for uncorrected image quality because this
    is for my parents and they don't want to mess around with correcting
    images. Besides that they are using Linux so their options there are
    not as great as with Windows (yes I know they could use Photoshop via
    wine but that is too much trouble for them).

    Am I missing any camera like the s410 but with less purple fringing?
    , Jul 18, 2004
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