Canon PowerShot S1 IS vs. PowerShot S60

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Fastfwd, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Fastfwd

    Fastfwd Guest

    Opinions? I've been casually shopping for a digital camera that has
    potential for a little creativity for several weeks and I'm still about as
    undecided as when I began. I'd like to keep the costs for everything needed
    to around $500 max. I appreciate the advice in the other thread. It coaxed
    me into considering cameras less than the current 7+ megapixels that are

    I don't know the first thing about cameras really. I've been looking at
    Steve's and his test shots with the different cameras and I
    honestly really love the detail in the high megapixel cameras. That may
    possibly be because I'm looking at these photos (landscapes) on a fairly
    high resolution screen - 1680x1050. I suppose the notion is that when
    printed out to a 5x7 the detail will be lost in a well composed shot that
    doesn't need much cropping (hopefully that makes sense) and the lower
    megapixel cameras are sufficient? Printing out my photos isn't going to be
    a high priority though. They are likely to remain on my computer.

    So, I'm about as undecided as when I began. Considering my budget
    constraints I'm not entirely sure how my money would best be spent for a
    camera with a little creative potential. I like the way the S1 IS feels in
    my hands. It does have impressive movie capabilities which are a bonus. I
    honestly can't see just what difference the bigger lens is making in the
    test photos with it (compared to the 5+ megapixel contenders) and although
    the 10x zoom is nice I'm not sure that it outweighs the added detail of the
    higher resolution cameras with smaller lenses and less zoom. It may come
    in handy however. I've never owned a camera with such a large zoom.

    I'm leaning toward the S1 IS though. I know it's been out for over a year
    now. I hate the thought of buying one only to see the 5+ megapixel version
    come out in a few weeks. Is there any word on a new version of this? I've
    also considered the A95. I suppose my list is coming to a decision between
    the A95, S60 - S70 (a bit pricey), and the S1 IS. The S1 IS in the lead -
    most recently anyway - and I'm about ready to buy. Any further

    A sickened mind and spirit
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    Or will he live in me
    Is he tryin' to get out or tryin' to enter me

    THX 1138
    Fastfwd, Apr 13, 2005
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  2. In Message-ID:<> posted on Wed, 13 Apr
    2005 06:01:30 -0500, Fastfwd wrote:

    >I've been casually shopping for a digital camera that has
    >potential for a little creativity

    The S1-IS has great potential for creativity, is very flexible, and the
    relatively small (by today's standards) 3.2mp is quite adequate to enjoy
    your efforts. I invested in a circular polarizing filter as well as an
    infrared to expand the entertainment potential of mine, and since I'm
    not demanding razor sharpness at billboard size, I have gotten much fun
    out of such a small device. Oh, and a 1gig CF will make it like Roy
    Rogers gun, if you remember, the one that never ran out of bullets <g>

    Justín Käse, Apr 13, 2005
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  3. Fastfwd

    Renee Guest

    "Fastfwd" <> wrote in message
    > Opinions?


    I'm sure you're considering the obvious differences between the S1, S60, and
    A95 . . . things like

    Battery type, spare battery expense, number of images on a single charge
    Compact vs. Mid-size
    Swivel vs. no-swivel LCD
    AF-assist lamp vs. no lamp
    Optical vs. Electronic viewfinder
    Auto-bracketing vs. none
    Wide-angle vs. telephoto
    Auto-exposure and Auto-focus locking vs. none
    Movie length and quality

    It's all such a personal decision. But if you need help with the pros and
    cons of these things, you can probably get some opinions if you ask.

    Personally, for point-and-shoot use and out of these considerations, I
    wouldn't give up my auto-bracketing, ultra-zoom, and AAs. I've found that
    when I'm out with a group of people, they don't like waiting on me while I
    fuss with adjusting or locking the exposure, changing the light metering,
    using histograms, etc. So I just set the shot for auto-exposure bracketing
    and almost always get one right. It's a different story when I'm alone and
    can take my time. The more I practice with it the faster I'll get. I'm glad
    I have the capability grow into using these things more.

    I enjoy doing things with my S1 like going from
    here to
    for an otherwise inaccessible shot.
    (See for album description if
    you'd like.)

    I'm sure you can do that by using a higher resolution camera, cropping the
    image, and enlarging it. You'd have to ask someone else how the level of
    detail would compare to just starting off with the lower MP ultra-zoom.

    Renee, Apr 13, 2005
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