CANON 300D2 / dRebel2 Announcement

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Arthur L. Rubin, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. TO EVERYONE READING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you intend to vote yes on any of the new groups proposed by Alan
    Browne and Thaddeus Lip Shits, your email address will be posted all
    over Usenet in a unmunged form for the spam harvesting bots to krawl

    *LIKE* *THIS*

    Abdul Ahmed IV
    Arlen Bruno
    Arturo Stromboli
    Nathan Musco
    Jordan Knight
    Scott Keller
    Robert Wilkins
    James Weinheimer
    Niels Olof Bouvin
    Lucia Vega
    David G. Roth
    Carlos Bolivar
    Carl White
    Chris Krolczyk
    Seb Coleman
    Fidel Rhodes
    Dorothy Zbornak
    Danny Wood
    Mary Deleo
    Demetrius Stamos
    Blanche Devereaux
    Dimitri Cestovani
    Bryan Douglass
    Elisabetta Stromboli
    Ekkehard Uthke
    Elaine Gaston
    Enrico Stromboli
    Enzo Stromboli Sr.
    Gabriel Estrada
    Tristan Etovekaf
    Bradley Fogg
    Hank Fung
    Giorgio Stromboli
    Peter J Ross
    George Preddy
    Greg Zucherman
    Gina Stromboli
    Hank Zanzibar
    Nina Hernandez
    Helen Willis
    Hugo Stromboli
    Pedro Alejandro
    Jada Stromboli
    Jeb Simon
    Jon Knight
    John M Price PhD
    Joan Posiadlik
    Joe Morris
    Joey Stromboli
    Jonis Cohen
    Josie Lauer
    Juan Vega
    Julio Nostra
    Enzo Stromboli Jr.
    Joe Kewfi
    Karl Heinz
    Kurt Worth
    Gwen Chase
    Brian Larchmont
    Lee Fong
    Edwin Clarke
    Mabel King
    Mario Stromboli
    Markus Kuhn
    Mark Logan
    Hans Martens
    Martha Moore
    Joe McIntyre
    Biff Mullins
    Louis Browne
    Hiro Niihara
    Noberto Alcazar
    Norman Byrne
    Olivia Stromboli
    Pat Segovia
    Sophia Petrillo
    Sal Gallo
    Ben Reese
    Rosa Stromboli
    Juanita Ruiz
    Ronald Weiss
    Sally Parker
    Ana Sbet
    Sean Franklin
    Sharif Qureshi
    Sofie Jansen
    Steven Green
    Pierre Roche
    Thomas Cuny
    Ted Conklin
    The Puppy Wizard
    Tomasz Brzezinski
    Tom Perrett
    Tony Stromboli
    Robert-Jan van Ette
    Lynn Vassi
    Vladimir Chernova
    Don Wahlberg
    Mark Wahlberg
    Marlon Brown
    Zach Berry
    Darius Polson
    Georges LaRouche
    Zeke Williams

    These dickheads voted yes on soc.war.consequences

    This will be posted to alt.spam and misc.test too ! :)))))

    If you vote yes on any of these photo groups

    unmoderated group
    unmoderated group
    unmoderated group
    unmoderated group

    expect your address to be posted to *HUNDREDS* of groups!!!! ;)

    This account is subject to a persistent MS Blaster and SWEN attack.
    I think I've got the problem resolved, but, if you E-mail me
    and it bounces, a second try might work.
    However, please reply in newsgroup.
    Arthur L. Rubin, Sep 12, 2004
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  2. jpmcw

    jpmcw Guest

    [OT] CANON 300D2 / dRebel2 Announcement

    Arthur L. Rubin wrote:

    Exactly nothing. Someone forged his name and posted through Google.

    Someone who doesn't like - who knows - is trying to hijack the news
    group creation process for his or her own agenda.

    Unfortunately, the entity isn't able to express itself through other
    than threats and intimidation.


    John McWilliams
    jpmcw, Sep 12, 2004
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