Cannot reset image name prefix - Casio EX-Z40

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Nicholas, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Guest

    Boy, is this dumb. Some time ago, using Photoshop Elements 2 I
    believe, we decided that it would be useful to have the pictures come
    over named as CIMG001, CIMG002, etc, rather than 100-001, 100-002.
    Now it appears that the CIMG prefix is stored in the EX-Z40 somehow,
    and we can't figure out how to default the camera back to the standard
    naming convention of all numeric names. The menu shows a "reset"
    option which is supposed to default the camera but this makes no
    difference. Removing the battery makes no difference. Using a
    different memory card makes no difference. No matter what computer is
    reading the cam, the images show up as CIMG--- images. Yet when you
    scroll through the images on the camera itself (out of the dock), they
    do show up named 100-xxx with no CIMG showing (according to the screen
    displaying the image).

    Trying to change things using the current Photoshop Elements 4 makes
    no difference; and for some reason, the naming screens now look
    different in PSE 4 rather than the version 2 where we started with

    No reference at all to this in the "manual", of course. And Googling
    to no end produced no results either, so we must be the only ones on
    the planet with this problem, I guess.

    Restated, the problem is that if you view or download images from the
    camera using the USB link, they are named differently than they are if
    viewed on the camera's screen, and we can find no setting to reset
    this feature.

    Does this ring a bell with anyone?
    Nicholas, Sep 23, 2008
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