Cameras that record video

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Keith Sheppard, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know why it is, in MS Outlook Express, in certain newsgroups I
    don't see my own reply messages?

    I subscribe to several different newsgroups. In some, if I reply to a
    posting then, sure enough, next time I log onto the newsgroup there's my
    reply. In others (like this one), my replies apparently get sent (they are
    in my sent items box) but I don't see them in the newsgroup listing so I'm
    never quite sure they actually made it. The message below is a typical
    example. I posted it to the "Cameras that record video" thread but it never
    appeared in the newsgroup so far as Outlook Express is concerned on my
    computer. Did it ever make it? Perhaps someone can post a message to tell
    me whether they see a) this message and/or b) my original posting to the
    "Cameras that record video" thread.

    I have posted several messages (mainly replies) to this newsgroup but if I
    pick the View menu, Current View, Show all messages is checked. If I
    uncheck "Group by Conversation" and sort on the "from" column I can find no
    messages from me at all. Any suggestions?


    re digital video recording with a digital camera.

    I have a now obsolete Olympus C2100UZ, but I think it's basically the same
    engine as the modern Olympus C7nn series.

    In my camera, resolution when shooting movies is much lower than still
    picture resolution. In so-called high quality mode, movie resolution is
    only 320x240. Also, movies are shot at 12.5 frames per second. That's
    about equivalent to the very early silent movie films in cinema technology.
    I believe modern cine film runs at more than double that frame rate.

    The end result is movies that are just about watchable in a 4x3 inch window
    on a normal sized monitor - and even then the low frame rate is evident.
    Blow them up to full screen size and they are pretty dire.

    Another thing to check - not all camera brands can record sound with their

    Maybe the more modern versions, or other brand cameras, can improve on the
    abover figures but I doubt they do so by much. The bottom line is, if you
    want high quality movies, buy a video camera. The movies from a still
    digital camera are not much better than a curio.

    That's my humble opinion.

    Keith Sheppard, Aug 4, 2004
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