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    Call for Papers

    ISQED 2005
    6th IEEE International Symposium on


    March 28-30, 2005
    San Jose, CA, USA


    ISQED is the pioneer and leading international conference dealing with the
    design for manufacturability and quality issues front-to-back.
    ISQED spans three days, Monday through Wednesday, in three parallel tracks,
    hosting near 100 technical
    presentations, six keynote speakers, two-three panel discussions, workshops
    /tutorials and other informal meetings.
    Conference proceedings are published by IEEE Computer Society and hosted in
    the digital library. Proceedings CD ROMs
    are published by ACM. In addition, continuing the tradition of reaching a
    wider readership in the IC design community,
    ISQED will continue to publish special issues in leading journals. The
    authors of high quality papers will be invited
    to submit an extended version of their papers for the special journal


    Paper Submission Deadline September 30, 2004
    Acceptance Notification November 17-19, 2004
    Final Camera-Ready Paper December 15, 2004

    Papers are requested in the following areas:

    o Design for Manufacturability & Quality
    o Package - Design Interaction & Co-Design
    o Design Verification and Design for Testability
    o Embedded Test Methodologies
    o Robust Device, Interconnect, and Circuits
    o EDA Tools & IP Blocks; Interoperability and Implications
    o Physical Design, Methodologies & Tools
    o Effect of Technology on IC Design, Performance, Reliability & Yield
    o Design Quality Definitions, Metrics, and Standards
    o Quality Driven Design Flows; SoC, ASIC, FPGA, RF, Memory, etc.
    o Quality of Modeling Abstractions and Methods (Device, Interconnect,
    Micro and Macro Cells, IP Blocks, ...)
    O System-level Design, Methodologies & Tools
    o Redundancy & Self Correction Design Techniques
    o Management of Design Process, and Design Database
    o Global, Social, and Economic Implications of Design Quality
    o Quality based EDA Tools, Design Techniques, and Methodologies, dealing
    with issues such as:

    Timing Closure
    R, L, C Extraction
    Ground/Vdd Bounce
    Signal Noise/Cross-Talk /Substrate Noise
    Voltage Drop, Power Rail Integrity
    Metal Migration, Hot Carriers
    High Frequency Effects
    Thermal Effects
    Power Estimation
    Plasma Induced Damage, and other yield limiting effects
    Proximity Correction & Phase Shift Methods
    erification (Layout, Circuit, Function, etc.)
    Packaging Modeling and Simulations

    Submission Process

    The guidelines for the final paper format is provided on the conference web
    site at
    Authors should submit FULL-LENGTH, original, unpublished papers (Minimum 4,
    maximum 6 pages).
    To permit a blind review, do not include name(s) or affiliation(s) of the
    author(s) on the manuscript and abstract.
    Submit your papers using the on-line paper submission procedure available in
    the ISQED web site. Please check the as-printed
    appearance of your paper before submitting the paper. Address all other
    inquiries to .
    info, Sep 25, 2004
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  2. info

    Bradley26 Guest

    sorry but I dont know if there is even a Thomas Hutchins there at UMass
    Amherst, is he a student? part time instructor?

    you repeated the text there in the middle. Admit it, being a confused youth
    exposed to the masses of information in a college/university setting with a
    lack of sleep, lack of chores and a lack of having a maternal caretaker
    seems to have caused you to drift towards being a slacker.

    the slacker mindset is driven by these older, zany ultra liberal professor
    types. I havent accepted the offers to be a professor, maybe some day when
    I grow up, but the older, warped liberal wackos of our day like Noam Chomsky

    feed like bloodsucking vampires off of younger college students. In order
    to brain wash them? they need to paint a picture of the world that its
    imaginary, it may not exist, the only good thing is sex and communism and

    its spelled out by the quotes you posted there. you need a dose of normal
    life, hard work and normal people. this isnt the matrix, life is real, God
    created it

    > > chick or dude, that is one messed up bunch of ranting that dont make no
    > > sense. there isnt even a stand taken, its an obfuscated soliloquy...
    > >
    > > oh yes the sexual identity of mainstream exists as we redifine and

    > > socialism and communism and turn to the wonderful tyrrany of

    > as
    > > the save all and be all.
    > >
    > > or nihilism, anarchy, slackers, and the (Im too lazy to work for myself)
    > > crowd: oh yes, lets not bother to work, but instead be like parasites,
    > > misguided and stupid as we complain about the USA and capitalism

    > Here is a counterargument to your position...
    > The Neocapitalist Paradigm Of Narrative In The Works Of Stone
    > Paul J. R. Eagin [Department of English, University of Illinois]
    > Thomas W. Chadwith-Hutchins [Department of Peace Studies, University of
    > Massachusetts, Amherst]

    > Subdialectic Deconstruction And Simulacra
    > If one examines the neocapitalist paradigm of narrative, one is faced with

    > choice: either accept cultural desituationism or conclude that reality is
    > created by the masses. The primary theme of the works of Stone is not
    > materialism, as Sartre would have it, but prematerialism. It could be said
    > that Platoon is about creation where JFK is about destruction. Sontag
    > suggests the use of cultural desituationism to deconstruct capitalism.
    > Natural Born Killers is about opening where Heaven and Earth is about
    > closing.
    > The artist has a choice: either accept Huyssen's analysis of the
    > deconstructive paradigm of narrative or, alternatively, reject Voltaire's
    > analysis of the deconstructive paradigm of narrative and consequently

    > that the State is unattainable.
    > If postdialectic appropriation holds, the works of Stone are reminiscent

    > Mapplethorpe. Bataille suggests the use of the neocapitalist paradigm of
    > narrative to deconstruct capitalism. The stasis, and subsequent absurdity,
    > of conceptualist capitalism intrinsic to Heaven and Earth emerges again in
    > JFK, although in a more dialectic sense. But Debord suggests the use of

    > neocapitalist paradigm of narrative to challenge outmoded perceptions of
    > class.
    > It could be said that if cultural nihilism holds, we have to choose

    > the neocapitalist paradigm of narrative and cultural desituationism. But
    > Derrida uses the term 'materialist nihilism' to denote not narrative as
    > such, but subnarrative. It could be said that Marx uses the term
    > 'materialist capitalism' to denote not narrative as such, but

    > Cameron [1] holds that we have to choose between the neocapitalist

    > of narrative and cultural construction.
    > Many theories concerning not deconstruction, as the neocapitalist paradigm
    > of narrative suggests, but subdeconstruction may be revealed. The primary
    > theme of the works of Stone is not materialism, but neomaterialism. In a
    > sense, the deconstructive paradigm of narrative holds that consciousness

    > significance. However, the characteristic theme of the works of Stone is

    > theory, but posttheory.
    > [1] Cameron, P.T. ed. (1998) The Discourses Of Rubicon : Posttextual
    > Discourse In The Works Of Stone. Loompanics
    > [2] Dietrich, V. (2004) Neosemiotic Neotextual Theory In The Works Of

    > Yale University Press
    > [3] d'Erlette, E. ed. (2000) Cultural Desituationism And Nihilism. Yale
    > University Press
    > --
    > I'm not easily offended. Please try harder.
    Bradley26, Sep 30, 2004
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