Buffalo WMR-G54 - unable to connect in order to configure

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Clive, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Clive

    Clive Guest


    This is such a basic problem - but I can't get past it.

    A friend has bought a Bufallo WMR-G54 and I am trying to configure

    The configuring PC has both UTP LAN and inbuilt 802.11g wireless.

    Now when I powered up the PC and the Bufallo and connected the
    Bufallo via UTP cable to the PC I was able to follow the Quick setup

    I connected the PC to the router on the given address and
    signed on through Internet Explorer with the default router userid:

    Running ipconfig on the PC I found that the PC UTP NIC had been
    assigned the IP address by DHCP in the router.

    So I started the configuration of the ADSL userid and password. I
    entered the ADSL parameters in the Bufallo. Then after about 10 seconds
    the session between the PC and the router disconnected. IE showed a
    "Server not found" message.

    I tried to reconnect the PC IE to address but still got
    "server not found".

    I tried ping from the PC and got no response (ping

    I powered down and up both PC and router. Result no connection PC to

    I set a fixed IP Address of on the PC and restarted both
    devices - no PING response from address and no IE
    connection on to the router.

    I pressed the reset button on the router - still no connectivity.

    Win XP firewall is OFF on the attached PC.

    I connected a SECOND PC with fixed IP Address The two PCs
    on 1.5 and 1.10 can ping their own and each other's IP Address. So the
    "hub" functionality of the Bufallo is working between devices on the
    same subnet.

    The problem is like the router has taken on a completely DIFFERENT IP
    address to the default and is no longer on the same subnet,
    192.168.1.x, as the PCs.

    How do I find out the router's current IP Address? How do I configure
    the Bufallo router from the PC?


    Clive, Sep 11, 2005
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  2. Clive

    Greg Guest

    "Clive" <> wrote in message
    > How do I find out the router's current IP Address? How do I configure
    > the Bufallo router from the PC?


    The easiest thing to do is to get out the handbook for the router and see
    how a factory rest of it is done. It is usually holding the reset button in
    for 5 seconds but some modems it is a repeated 5-10 jabs of the reset
    button. Once it is factory reset, all you SHOULD have to do to the router is
    to set up Internet access and also set up WEP at the very least and then
    restart it from there, saving the config and causing it to reboot. Now go
    set the PCs at each station to auto IP assign and turn Windows' own
    monitoring of wi-fi SSIDs off and use whatever came with the router. Set up
    the same protection (WEP, WPA, whatever) on the computers with the same
    passphrase or password and it should all be OK.
    Greg, Sep 11, 2005
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