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Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Sunil Sood, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Sunil Sood

    Sunil Sood Guest

    Something I wrote some time ago but never got around to posting - sending to
    all 4 uk.t newsgroups as its relevant to all but follow-ups set to
    uk.telecom only.

    BT recently held a 'Next Generation Consumer' event where Ian Livingston (BT
    Retail CEO) and Gavin Patterson (BT Group, MD Consumer) took a group of
    analysts through BT's Consumer strategy for the next couple of years.

    Have to say that several of the services they expected to market quite soon
    (or develop where they already exist) were quite interesting - way too many
    things to list here but included things like:

    5 voip lines/household via bt broadband voice (to be renamed BT Broadband
    videophone's (spring 06) and wifi phones (by Autumn 06)
    BT Fusion
    High Definition sound
    BT Freeview set-top box with hard drive + personal video recorder
    Digital/Online secure back-up facilities etc

    and several other things... several of which have been previously hinted
    at/confirmed but not all.

    Much of this controlled by a new "BT hub" in the house that sounds/looks
    like a custom built combined wireless ADSL modem/router where the hardware
    can support several things that just need to be activated remotely with
    firmware upgrades over time as new services are rolled out

    They also plan to offer "one number for life" rather than just "personal
    numbers" as they have in the past.

    Also, what almost sounded like the threat of a price war with Skype -
    promising free VoIP calls to 30 countries during Christmas-end Jan 2006* +
    pricing after that which means they will be cheaper than Skype on "50 main
    international routes" and 1.25p/min on 25 of these - all via BT
    Communicator (which will also be rebranded into the BT Broadband Talk family
    (with both it and BT Broadband Voice having a single login)

    They also appear to have decided that most of these new services should have
    a PAYG tariffs as well as other options (monthly fees etc) and bundling
    (i.e. bt broadband voice will be offered free on some BT Broadband/Yahoo
    tariffs = effectively free UK evening and weekend calls for those customers
    via VoIP)

    Also mentioned several times was that they were committed to a national 8MB+
    rollout though they appeared non committal to rolling out fibre to the home
    when being questioned by the analysts due to the advances in compression
    technology.. though they are certainly looking at it.

    Anyway the presentation and accompanying PowerPoint slides are at -
    I found it quite useful to run the two together and if you have time the
    video presentation is worth watching

    You also get to hear the questions some of the city analysts had (some of
    them seemed clued up, others clueless) and see samples of what BT's latest
    ad campaign is going to be...

    I would be interested in anyone's views on BT's plans. I certainly think
    that if the LLU companies (in particular) thought they had a large part of
    the market to themselves they are in for a nasty shock.

    Regards (+Merry Christmas/Happy New Year)
    (*free calls offer/details available until 31 January 2006 at
    Sunil Sood, Dec 27, 2005
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