Boycott Gettysburg

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Tom, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Link to photos showing how the battlefield looked before superintendent John
    Latschar raped it.

    We loved Gettysburg: took dozens of week-long trips, spent many thousands of
    dollars there, but those days are over thanks to park superintendent John
    Latschar. He's ruining the battlefield. He calls it restoration. Desecration
    is more descriptive. If we spent another dime we'd be supporting the
    destruction. Trees are being ripped out wholesale. The deer have been
    slaughtered. Visiting on a Nov. evening is an experience everyone should be
    able to enjoy, but he shortened the hours so you'll be ticketed and labeled
    criminals. He threw up so many one-way signs that traffic has become a
    tourist's nightmare. He likes saying, "The time for comment was during the
    planning, not now." Well, Bozo, the public DID and continues to comment, but
    you ignore them. Tens of 1000s have voiced their concern, but you act as
    though the battlefield is your own private domain. It belongs to the
    taxpayers, not an arrogant, government-appointed bureaucrat. Ghost hunters
    have been turned away in droves. He said they're in the same category as
    drug users. (look it up) What a moron. Not only is the town losing a fortune
    toward the local economy, the park is losing thousands of watchful eyes.
    Those with evil intent will always gain access at night, as was proven by
    the recent vandalism. Closing the park merely keeps honest folks out. John
    Latschar has, in affect, given vandals free rein. Attendance is lagging. He
    blames everything except his own bumbling. He moans about never having
    enough money, yet continues wasting funds on senseless projects that divide
    the townspeople and drives others away. It's typical government ineptness.
    Looks like John Latschar sits around dreaming up new ways to piss people
    off. If he's not shooting the wildlife, cutting down 100s of acres of trees,
    or screwing up traffic flow, he'll devise some other dumbass plan. Chances
    are he'll eventually move on to another location leaving his mess and debts
    behind for someone else. (He's done it before) What's worse than allowing
    John Latschar to inflict so much damage to such hallowed ground? Most of you
    sit idly by and let it happen without so much as a whimper. Talk is cheap,
    holding back spending speaks volumes. We're doing our part. Good bye
    Gettysburg. You were our favorite place on Earth until John Latschar raped
    you. Now you're just a memory. What a pity and disgrace.
    Tom, Aug 1, 2006
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