Boot devices changed?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by rocky36972, May 20, 2006.

  1. rocky36972

    rocky36972 Guest

    Hi group,

    I use Windows XP Home edition

    I use a mp3 player of Xiron, i plug that player into the USB cable.
    It work for so good, i have also a driver and a manual for the mp3 player.

    (this is done for the reason that i can plug in directly to the hole of USB
    in fornt of the computer or in the backside of the CPU, but i make this
    longer to lay down my mp3 player on my desk, this shall not be the problem,
    it is also so when i put the mp3 player in front of the CPU).

    The following happend when i take the mp3 player out of this cable or other
    direct USB port also, or it happend sometimes when i open another software
    for example Microsoft Word that the whole computer restart and stop at the
    beginning on the place what you see when put on the computer (in the first
    stadium of the restart).

    This message show then on the screen:

    Warning: The boot devices have been changed.
    BBS boot priority will be affected.
    Please enter setup to check.

    When i put the button DEL then show the bios and i go following to the first
    line in screen, i dont see nothing unexpected.
    But when i look the second line where showen all the boot devices then i see
    something strange i think.

    First Boot Device: < FLOPPY > The strangest thing that i have not a floppy
    inside this computer, only a DVD player - CDR/W rewriter in one layer.

    The totaly list what i see in my BIOS is:

    First Boot Device: < Floppy >
    Second Boot Device: < CD rom >
    Third Boot Device: < Hard Disk >
    Boot Other Device: < Disabled >
    Swap Floppy Drive: < Disabled >
    Boot Up Floppy Seek: < Disabled >

    My questions are:

    What is the advice for the upper list for setup this new?
    What can i do to have not this problem again in the future?

    Or is there any other advice to arrange this?


    Sorry for my bad english, i think lol !

    Kind Regards,
    rocky36972, May 20, 2006
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