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    MSCert: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows
    2000 Server

    I've purchased this product a while back from Transcender
    but still haven't activated it (I've been too busy to
    study for Certification exams so now I decide to sell it).
    This product was delivered via download to my Transcender
    account and is currently going for $119.00. Please see the
    link below:

    I can sell it to you for $89.99 o.b.o !

    How are you going to get the product?

    Don't worry! After confirmation of payment (PayPal or
    Money Order), I'll then email you the product transfer and
    activation instructions, which are simple and easy. And I
    guarantee you money back if you're not able to get the

    If you're interested in this product and wanna save some
    money, why not bid on this auction? Besides, the starting
    bid is significantly lower than the retail price.

    Please feel free to email me at if you
    have any question !

    Alternatively, you can go to my eBay auction to bid on
    this and other related products.

    I'll post more products up later, including 70-228 and 70-


    Industry-Best World-Class exam simulations

    TranscenderCert exam simulations provide the most
    realistic exam experience outside the real thing. Using
    TranscenderCert, you can be sure that you are ready to
    pass the real exam. Computer professionals throughout the
    world have used TranscenderCert products to prepare for
    their exams. Transcender products were even voted "Best
    Computer-Based Training" in the 2002 and 2003 Windows .NET
    Magazine Readers' Choice polls, "Best Practice Exams" in
    the 2002 and 2003 Readers' Choice poll, and
    won the "Task: Prepare for Certification Exams" category
    in the MCP Magazine December 2003 poll.

    TranscenderCert exam simulations are not only the #1
    choice of IT Pros worldwide, but they offer these
    important benefits:

    Exceptionally realistic simulations of the exam let you
    know what to expect and when you are ready.
    Learn the subject matter you need to know, fast!
    Detailed score reports and custom exam features allow you
    to identify and focus on your weak areas.
    Comprehensive detailed explanations with references teach
    you the reasoning behind the correct answers.
    Save time studying by focusing your efforts on the topics
    that will be on the exam.
    Same look and feel as the real exam allows you to feel
    confident on exam day.
    Transcender Live Update ensures you always have access to
    the most up-to-date content to study.


    Realistic questions - Transcender strives to present the
    most comprehensive and realistic exam questions available.
    This includes regular question formats, Place-the-Target
    questions (where applicable), Fill-in-the-Blank questions
    (where applicable), Simulation questions (where
    applicable), Select-and-Place questions (where
    applicable), and Case-Study questions (where applicable).
    Case-Studies can also include Create a Tree, Build List
    and Reorder and/or Drop and Connect questions.
    Detailed answer explanations - Every question is explained
    in detail. This is where the serious study value is in
    Transcender products. Most explanations are standard text,
    but the explanations for simulation questions are AVI
    files (where applicable).
    Documentation references - Every answer explanation
    includes references to commonly available study materials.
    These references show you exactly where to look to study
    topics in detail.
    Score report - A detailed score report pinpoints your weak
    areas. TranscenderCert also can track your score history
    as you save your results over time. This feature is not
    included in products with Case-Study questions.
    Custom exam feature - This feature allows you to define an
    exam with the topics you want to cover. This feature is
    not included in products with Case-Study questions.
    Random exam feature - In addition to the multiple preset
    exams, random exams can be created that select questions
    from the entire question bank. This feature is not
    included in products with Case-Study questions.
    Random answer choice feature - This feature randomizes the
    order of choices presented for items each time an exam is
    attempted. Selecting this option will help to ensure that
    each attempt on a particular exam will be challenging.
    This feature is not included in products with Case-Study
    Expanded printing and review options - These options allow
    you to review and print items by topic, section or string.
    Instant feedback - You can now set the exam to give
    instant right/wrong feedback after each item is answered.
    Admin Mode - Exam settings can be controlled by an
    administrator and can prevent users from accessing certain
    Computer Adaptive Testing feature (CAT) - This feature
    provides you with an adaptive testing experience in which
    the exam delivers questions based on your response to
    previous questions. By default, Transcender products run
    in the standard testing mode, not in CAT mode. This is
    because users should use the standard test mode as the
    primary means of preparation. CAT should be used as a
    complementary preparation method. This feature is not
    included in products with Case-Study questions or in Cisco-
    related products.
    Case-Study questions - This feature is another new testing
    technology introduced by Microsoft that we have emulated
    in our engine. A Case-Study question is a self-contained
    case that presents a large amount of information and then
    asks a number of questions about the information. Some are
    Create a Tree questions, which require the user to answer
    a question by manipulating a visual diagram of answer
    choices. Build List and Reorder and Drop and Connect
    questions are also common within Case-Studies.
    Online manual/help - All product documentation is included
    within the electronic help file.
    Transcender Product Testimonials

    "Thanks for a terrific product. Without a doubt, your exam
    simulations have made the difference for me in obtaining
    certification. Not only did the simulations prepare me for
    the actual test, but they also significantly strengthened
    some of my weaker areas by letting me know where I was
    weak and then providing the appropriate references for
    further study. Now it's on to my next exam....but not
    without the Transcender simulations!"
    - J.F.

    "Transcender picks up where even the best books leave off -
    and then blows them away. I found the exam simulations to
    be great preparation for the real thing. Your exams
    covered every concept thoroughly and mimicked the actual
    test environment perfectly. I also found your answer
    explanations to be better written than any that I have
    found in those $50.00 books. When people ask me what I did
    to pass the test, I tell them, "I got the Transcender.""
    - L.C.

    "I believe you can spend thousands of dollars on training
    classes and not become as prepared for the MCSE tests as
    you would by purchasing the Transcender tests. These tests
    really focus in on the knowledge you have, weaknesses, and
    areas of strengths. Thanks a lot for the help."

    "Hello Transcender: I have personally purchased the exams
    for every one of my tests and they are just great. They
    prepare you the Microsoft way. I have taken classroom
    instruction as part of my curriculum and I even use these
    tests to study for my classes instead of the textbooks. I
    have found many mistakes in textbooks but not on your
    exams. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU."

    "Just a note to let you know that I passed my last test
    and became a MCSE. I used the Transcender tests for every
    exam and passed on the first try. I am absolutely stunned
    by this fact. Without doubt, the Transcender tests were
    10x more difficult than the real exam and I went into the
    examination room with the confidence that I needed to
    pass. Thank you for putting out such a good product."
    - P.L.

    "Just a quick note on how much your products helped me get
    my MCSD. It was a snap. I passed every test with points to
    spare. One of the best parts is the outline that comes
    with the tests. It really makes studying a breeze. I can't
    wait for the new MCSD products. Keep up the good work."
    - M.A.

    "I used the TransTrainer Video product to study for my 70-
    306 exam and was extremely impressed with the results. I
    have spent thousands of dollars using classroom
    instruction through a local certification program and
    found your product to be far superior to the classroom
    training. The certification program provided a transcender
    cert so I used the transcender to guage the training I
    received. I had an extremely difficult time passing your
    practice exams until I used the TranTrainer Video product
    and passed my 70-306 exam after using your product for
    only three days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I will
    happily use and recommend your products in the future."
    - E.H. Virginia Beach, VA USA

    "I have completed 9 of the Microsoft exams. I swear by
    your products and as an MCT I regularly recommend your
    software as THE preparation standard! Keep up the
    excellent work!"

    "I've been working with NT for over 3 years and I just
    about gave up on becoming an MCSE. Then I heard about
    Transcender, and I'm glad I did. I passed all 6 tests in
    under 3 months. And all but 1 test was well over 900.
    Thanks for making such fantastic products!!"

    "The best MCSE prep-product on the market! Without
    Transcender I failed the exams, with Transcender I was
    scoring in the mid 900's. Thanks Transcender for a great
    product. It's all you need."

    "Your products are outstanding ! I have known about your
    products for quite some time now, but was skeptical
    because of the price. I had achieved my MCSE 2 years ago
    without the help of your tests (I believe you were just
    starting then). Now in trying to add additional certs
    under my belt I decided to give you a try. I have bought 3
    tests in a row and after 2 days each on them I passed 3
    exams in a row. Your products are everything you say they
    are and more. I then tried a competitor of yours and
    failed that exam. Now I know there is one place to go for
    exam preparation, Transcender !!!"

    "I just passed my fifth exam. I give a big credit to
    Transcender's products. Without Transcender I would have
    probably failed each and every exam. Transcender gives me
    that confidence by passing the real exam on the first
    shot. You guys pass the happy customer exam. Now you
    earned a Loyal Customer. Thank you!!!!"
    - J.G.

    "I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Transcender for
    all the help I received from your exams. So far I have
    passed 3 exams towards my MCSE, and I could not have
    passed them without your product. The exams highlight the
    key ingredients of the vast amount of information
    Microsoft presents the student with. By focusing more in
    depth study in these areas, I have not only passed my
    exams with high scores but also have gained a competent
    working technical knowledge of the products. Because of
    your tests, I will not be a paper MCSE."
    - S.D. New York, NY USA

    "I found the Transcender Exams to be fantastic! The
    questions were more intense than the actual Microsoft
    exams, and I felt were a tremendous learning tool. It has
    become a common practice for the training staff at our
    company to recommend your products. Thanks!"

    "I use TranscenderCert exam simulations exclusively as a
    result of repeated success on Microsoft and Cisco
    certification exams. I have used every major exam
    preparation tool during my thirteen years in the IT
    industry and have found Transcender to be the most
    accurate and up-to-date product on the market. I recommend
    Transcender products to all of my colleagues and have seen
    the same exam success rate in their careers as a result.
    With a complete line of training tools including
    TranscenderCert, TranscenderFlash, and TransTrainer,
    Transcender gives the IT professional the long-term
    knowledge necessary to excel in the IT industry, not just
    the information needed to pass an exam."
    T.W., AT&T
    Ken Yu, Mar 9, 2005
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