anyone here us Vonage in PA with RCN Cable modem?

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by ronnie biggs, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. ronnie biggs

    ronnie biggs Guest

    If so..what is the quality like..esp. in the Allentown area???
    ronnie biggs, Aug 12, 2003
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  2. ronnie biggs

    Tom Guest

    Have had Vonage service for just under 2 weeks now. So far so good. I am not on RSN cable I am in York PA on SUSCOM.

    Vonage is as good as your ISP. So if your cable modem stays up and does not lose service. And you always have good access to the internet then Vonage should work for you. They have a bandwidth saver option that I am using and the voice quality seems good. The difference is, I think, the sampling rate as if you are talking to someone and there is steady backgroud noise the background noise is a bit broken up, it does not effect the voice of the caller just can be distracting until you get used to it. That option uses 30K vs. their normal 90K of bandwidth. I only have 128K upload so the savings is worth it.

    The High quality voice worked OK too, no dropped calls, just wanted to conserve bandwidth. I was hard pressed to tell a difference between the high quality setting and our land line. We use VOIP phones at work so maybe I have been conditioned to the quality who knows.

    My only difficulty has been my router (Linksys) drops connection to our cable modem. I flashed the firmware to the latest version 1.45.6 before I got Vonage and from looking at the groups it may be a firmware not Vonage issue. Check their learning section and follow the link on 'do you have technical spec on a router' and check to see if your router is there. Mine was and I had to set up port forwarding to ensure that incoming calls worked all the time. They seem to so far!

    Overall I am quite satisfied with the whole package. I got the $25.99 service as we hardly ever use 500 long distance minutes. We set up a local number in Lancaster so now the family can benifit from calling us locally and avoiding toll charges from their land lines. If you are going to go through with it I can email you a coupon for a free month of service, I get one too. Feel like a telemarketer but the free month covers the set up and activation fee (almost $40) wish I had used the coupon!

    If you have any questions email.
    "ronnie biggs" <> wrote in message news:bh9s2d$as0$...
    If so..what is the quality like..esp. in the Allentown area???
    Tom, Sep 13, 2003
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