Anyone else have a bizarre personal Netflix story to tell?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by, Feb 21, 2006.

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    I just have to tell this to someone. It's been a few weeks now, but I
    just can't get over this. If you're sick of people bitching about
    Netflix, or you're one of those ironic people who like to respond to a
    bitchy post by bitching about that person bitching, please don't read
    any further.

    I rent a lot from Netflix. How much? Well, let's just say that the
    first 15 movies in my queue are recent releases that I won't get until
    I'm dead. ...perhaps longer. I hope my great, great grandchildren
    enjoy "Madagascar".

    Anyway, when I first started renting from Netflix, I always tried to
    watch my movies immediately and send them back the very next day.
    Especially the new releases. I did this for three reasons: First of
    all, I wanted to see as many movies as possible and get my money's
    worth (naturally). Second, I didn't want to hog up all the new
    releases by keeping them forever, as many selfish clods do. Third, I
    stupidly assumed that Netflix kept track of people who rapidly returned
    new releases, and gave them preferential treatment in return for
    keeping things moving.

    Anyway, enough generalized bitching. We all know the deceitful little
    tricks they use to slow down our queues. What I'd like to focus on now
    is the truly weird netflix stories. Things that seem conspicuous as
    all hell. Personal Netflix stories that make absolutely no
    sense....unless you're dealing with an unscrupulous corporation that
    doesn't mind cheating its customers to maximize profits.


    Many months ago, I learned that Warner Bros. was preparing to release
    "Superman the Animated Series, Season 2". I immediately went to
    Netflix to put it on my quere, only to find that there wasn't a page
    for it yet. Week after week, I kept checking back, but nothing ever
    appeared except the page for "Season 1". The release date came and
    went. Still nothing.
    Finally, out of frustration, I sent Netflix an e-mail asking if they
    intended to carry the DVD. I wrote my e-mail late at night, when I do
    most of my web surfing.
    .......The next morning, no more than 9 hours after I'd sent my e-mail,
    I was elated to find that there was a page dedicated to "Superman the
    Animated Series, Season 2". A wave of warmth passed through me as I
    had "happy bunny" thoughts about Netflix's quick response to my
    inquiry. HOWEVER, when I put the DVD on my queue, it said VERY LONG
    WTF?!?! How, without any "saved" page dedicated to the DVD, and
    without ANY notification that they now carried the DVD, did so damn
    many people suddenly become aware that Netflix had it? And why, after
    several months, does my queue STILL say that it has a "very long wait"?
    I smell a rat. Did Netflix go shopping for the disk in the middle of
    the night? Did every Superman fan with a Netflix account suddenly
    awake at 3:00am so they could see if Netflix got the disk yet? Does
    Netflix even HAVE the damn thing? --?!?!?!?!

    I long for another "DVD rental by mail" company with Netflix's
    selection. One that doesn't pull the same B.S. as Netflix. One that
    doesn't constantly say "shipping tomorrow". One that doesn't
    periodically get the "rated" version of a film instead of the "unrated"
    version. One that doesn't send you DVDs from the other side of the
    country, and then wastes even MORE of your time making you send it BACK

    .....And did anyone else notice that Netflix never sends a courtesty
    E-mail asking if a LATE movie arrived? I only get those e-mails
    whenever they manage to send a DVD earlier than usual. Hmmm. Someone
    more cynical than me might conclude that they have more control over
    shipping than they want to admit.

    I'm done. Anyone else have a story?
    , Feb 21, 2006
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