Anybody can help me

Discussion in 'MCDST' started by Senthilkumar, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Senthilkumar

    Senthilkumar Guest

    Dear All,

    I am senthil from Dubai and i am looking for a MCDST
    (70-271,70-272)free latest dumps if anybody knows the
    details pls help me.

    Senthilkumar, Apr 9, 2005
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  2. Senthilkumar

    Jason Guest


    I've given up responding. The "growing backlash" referenced in the linked
    article can take many forms.
    Our disgust with such attitudes and ethics can also be communicated with
    non-responses. If the sounding boards these people post to fall silent on
    their requests, the requests will eventually cease. Additionally, the posts
    can be removed from the board, so we don't have to see the vile anymore.

    Additionally, I suspect Microsoft (and others) are starting to take note of
    the newsgroups and forms where "new cheaters" find their info and are making
    notes of the illegitimate sites and source IP's. *Grin*

    As an aside, I must say it takes very large cojones to post on a MICROSOFT
    board, asking for cheating materials on MICROSOFT exams. Oh wait, should I
    say cojones, or should I say naivety? Or would ignorant magniloquent
    twerps be more appropriate? Or what about just plain stupid?

    "badgerdono" <> wrote in message
    > When you ask for "dumps," I believe you mean BRAINDUMPS, also called
    > CHEAT MATERIALS by many MCP candidates and certification holders.
    > In my effort to assist you an appropriate matter, I was able to
    > locate the following material. I hope it helps you move in a
    > positive direction with your certification efforts.
    > From Certnotes: ". . .there appears to be a recent and growing
    > backlash against braindumps and cheat materials. While there are
    > still too many that choose this path, it seems that many people have
    > realized that everything we said would happen to the certifications
    > if cheating continued has come true."
    > (
    > From TechNet Chat interview:
    > Guest_Tim:
    > "Any chance we'll see MS clamp down on braindumps in any way? 218
    > was dumped before it went live at a US based url. I think it's a
    > high quality exam, but can put little value on it given the ease of
    > cheating."
    > Host Guest_Matt_MS:
    > "The MCP program is definitely trying to clam down on braindump
    > sites. And I can tell you that 218 is on an aggressive refresh
    > schedule, so the content will be updated regularly." Note: This
    > policy applies to all MCP exams, including MCDST.
    > (
    > *****
    > "Senthilkumar" <> wrote in message
    > news:0b6d01c53cd6$389a6e80$...
    > | Dear All,
    > |
    > | I am senthil from Dubai and i am looking for a MCDST
    > | (70-271,70-272)free latest dumps if anybody knows the
    > | details pls help me.
    > |
    > | Senthil.
    Jason, Apr 9, 2005
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