Another big thanks to David H. Lipman

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by RJK, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. RJK

    RJK Guest

    Condensed story follows, (something I'm not very good at - as you all
    know!) :-

    11th Dec. Spent time at customers house resolving eldest sons' (17 yrs. old)
    Laptop wi-fi connection problems. (Linksys WAG354G ADSL/2+ connected to
    fathers business PC with rj45/LAN lead ... ! ). ...feeds web via wi-fi to
    eledest sons laptop. Whilst there, installed newer version 7.5 of AVG free
    onto eldest sons laptop.

    12th Dec. Phone plea for help arrived from customers wife "D****." She'd
    been out shopping and returned to find that son had been having problems
    connecting, (suspect that just Laptop and/or adsl modem/router needed
    rebooting), and she stumbled in on the eldest son who was sat in front of
    Dads' office PC !
    ....which would now, also, not connect to the web. I arrived and found that
    ADLS modem DSL UK settings had been changed, I put that right and Dads' PC
    is ok, visible relief from D***** whose husband was in bed with a cold or
    flu i.e. hubby wasn't going to get up to find that his Office PC settings
    had again been upset and hence murder his eldest son ....again ! :) ALSO
    noticed that the new AVG's real-time scanner, (on eledest sons' laptop), had
    been switched off and in the AVG main software interface - all had been
    greyed out - i.e. I couldn't switch on the real-time scanner.

    Burnt c:\av-cls from "dads" office PC to cd-r | copied onto laptop hd |
    booted it into safe-mode | started the Sophos a/v sweep | left explicit
    instructions for "eldest son" on how to continue. (c:\av-cls from "dad's"
    PC several weeks old but, I thought 'better than nothing' AND that
    guestimated 20 minute visit that turns into 2+ hours, and is now threatening
    to take even longer and now simply HAS to somehow be curtailed ! and
    finalised 'cause I WANT TO GO HOME !!!! ).

    13th Dec. ...just phoned D***** to ask how things went, c:\av-cls found a
    virus and dealt with it, and ..."eldest son" was 'currently' ...(sorry
    about the tenses there), ...eldest son was currently downloading a 'AVG
    free' again ! ...PHEW !!! BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiG THANKS to David H. Lipman. ..and of course to
    Sophos / McaFee / Trend Micro and Kaspersky for their cls's

    regards, Richard
    RJK, Dec 13, 2006
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