Android email, Outlook 2003, outlook vs. ISP email

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by - Bobb -, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. - Bobb -

    - Bobb - Guest

    Generic question about email interaction these days.
    Reason for asking: every few days my tablet will announce that I have ....
    27, 39 , 21, 44 ... NEW emails and they are months old. Ones that I HAVE
    read and their status yesterday was read - why today are they UNREAD ?
    The ( first version of) 'Samsung Tab' tablet is the real reason for my
    That might be enough info to answer, but in case more info needed:
    I use Comcast at home and have 6 email accounts there.
    My question has to do with the result of messing with the messages on the
    various PC's. Starting out:
    Laptop has Outlook 2003
    Desktop has OE
    Tablet has " whatever the app is for email on a Verizon tablet"
    On Comcast host let's say I have:
    635 total email messages in Inbox
    85 in Sent
    I connect all of my pc's, they all sync - they all have 635 emails in Inbox
    ( No preaching please, this is just an example)
    Now on host I drag files around. Result
    100 emails in Inbox.
    85 in Sent
    250 in Old ( a folder I move pre 2012 emails to)
    and 200 in READ ( stuff I've dragged from Inbox for this year)

    Desktop, laptop and android tablet still "see" 635 in Inbox ... right ?
    Now, as I use Outlook or OE to organize locally, should it change the host
    arrangement ? If not, is the only solution to 'seeing all of my mail on each
    device' to leave everything in " INBOX" ? And have it grow and grow and
    grow. I know - "delete them you hoarding idiot" ! But there are a LOT of
    things going on that I need to be able to access from different sources ( I
    travel a lot lately). And having 600+ emails in Inbox is a bit much.
    Whenever I connect - especially via tablet would take a LONG time to
    sync/reconcile, so that's would LIKE sorting into folders AND having each
    device notice it - replicate. When I set up the email on tablet for Comcast
    I chose Outlook so I THOUGHT it would be smooth - like a desktop, but
    folders on host don't appear
    - Bobb -, Mar 25, 2012
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