Almost solved, definitely not the bios

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by usr, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. usr

    usr Guest

    > Hi
    > My machine seems to be functioning again.
    > I took it apart, tried the importent bits in another Amd machine that I
    > made earlier. But I think that clearing the cmos was probably the thing
    > that fixed it. But how can a bad software install make such a mess of the
    > cmos\bios. This is a question that I'd like to know. And if when I'm
    > installing software I keep the firewall from allowing any request, does
    > that mean I can't install the software correctly.

    Hello everyone.
    I was a little to quick to post that everything was solved.
    I am now back to where I started with no post\nothing.
    However While I was in the belly of the beast I'm sure that I corrected
    any bad connections that I had. I also flashed the bios while I had it
    working. I used the windows method althought I will learn how to flash the
    bios the old fashined way on other older machine.
    The msi k7n2 comes with a d-bracket. I don't know if alot of machines
    comes with that piece of hardware. But it gives the ability to check
    errors through a four light combo. I get an Early Chipset Initialization.
    I'ved moved the chip to the other pc that I'm using to test everything and
    get the same no post/nothing. It doesn't have a d-braket so I can't tell
    if the errors are the same on both machines but it would appear that the
    cpu(amd2800xp) is the culprit. Funny how after I moved it to the test pc
    that it worked fine. What do you think I should do now.
    usr, Aug 3, 2005
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