Alarmed & confused by Nero behavior

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by, May 1, 2006.

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    Not trusting hard drives, I burn my digital photos to DVD+R as soon as
    they're on my computer, and back up that DVD monthly. I usually don't
    keep the shots on my hard drive after burning them.

    Upon opening Nero EXpress ( in preparation for a backup burn,
    and before adding any new photos to the layout, it said that 3
    folders/files had been replaced. In my experience Nero does this
    automatically when files from the same source folder with the same name
    as ones on the target disk have changed, which makes doing backups
    quick - but I'm always afraid that if I happened to give a new photo
    the same name as one already on the disk it will be automatically
    replaced unless I'm careful. So I scrolled to see which files were
    being replaced, and discovered something odd. Nero was ready to
    replace three photos, each around 1.5MB, with versions I had emailed to
    people, about 65KB in size.

    Now my email program is on a different computer, since (for security
    reasons) my main computer isn't net-connected. When I want to create
    email versions of photos I usually right-click on the image, choose
    Send to>Mail Recipient, and transfer the smaller images from my desktop
    to my email computer via drag 'n' drop formatted CD-R/DVD+R, then
    delete them from the first computer if I haven't done a direct
    (Shift+Drag) transfer to the disk.

    These new "replacement" email-sized photo files in the Nero layout
    certainly weren't in the source folder, so I did a search to find where
    on the computer Nero had found them. The search turned up NOTHING. In
    fact the full-sized versions were still in the Recycle Bin, but no sign
    of the email versions on any partition or connected drive. I assume if
    I hadn't looked closely and had just carried on and added my new photos
    to the layout before burning, I would have lost the original high-res
    versions of these three files from my backup.

    I checked I had the full-res versions on my main photos DVD, and
    transferred them to my Desktop, in preparation for an experiment: to do
    the burn and see if Nero really did "lose" the originals from the disc,
    which I could add again later. But opening Nero again, it no longer
    replaced the three files. I moved the three "safety" files off my
    Desktop and onto removable media (which I removed) and opened Nero
    again, but still no file replacing.

    So now I not only can't work out where it was getting the replacement
    files from, but can't repeat it, so it has me baffled - and alarmed
    because of how easily I could have lost the originals from my backup
    , May 1, 2006
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