After the virus flood in my inbox.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by T.D. Shadow, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. T.D. Shadow

    T.D. Shadow Guest

    I had always assumed that if I didn't use Outlook or Outlook express,
    and I never opened attachments from people I don't know, that I was
    safe from worm attacks.

    Well, you know what happens when you assume.

    It turns out that there are OTHER ways for the W32.Swen.A@mm worm to
    attack. One is through an HTML document (web page, e-mail, or even
    usenet posting). Another is through Kazaa. (It exploits a security
    flaw in the software).

    What's worse, it doesn't matter if you delete the file. It makes
    changes to your registry and no longer NEEDS the original file to
    spread itself.

    It also doesn't need for you to be running anything. It has it's own
    SMTP (Send Mail Transfer Protocol) program and can send itself out in
    the background without you even knowing!

    PLUS (!!) it disables many popular AntiVirus programs from being able
    to remove it.

    Once it's on your computer, it mines your machine for e-mail addresses
    in Kazaa, IRC programs that support DCC and logging (such as mIRC),
    and (of course) Outlook (and Outlook Express) e-mail and newsgroups.

    If you don't have ANY of these programs on your system - it will just
    e-mail it to the only e-mail address it knows - YOURS!

    I installed Norton AntiVirus and it found 633 instances of this thing
    in various folders all over my computer (each one with a different
    name for the file), not including the several hundred a day that I
    deleted out of my e-mail attachment directory.

    I hope this got them all, but just to be sure, I'm ran the following

    IMPORTANT: Read the instructions before you use this utility.
    I had to make two changes before it would work on my system!!

    I also switched from Kazaa to Shareaza. Kazaa installed a ton of
    spyware programs on my system. I cleaned them with Ad-aware 6.0.
    (It's freeware). I got it from

    I'm no longer getting 100-200 copies a day in my inbox, but I'm still
    getting 20-50 a day - but now I'm confident that none are coming from

    - T.D.
    Doing my part.



    Theodore David Shadow <>
    T.D. Shadow, Oct 8, 2003
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