A question about digital cameras which can capture the most dynamic range of light exposures.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by aniramca@gmail.com, Oct 14, 2007.

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    I asked a similar question in the past whether HDR photography can be
    embedded in a digital camera. One of the readers questioned about the
    purpose of this, since they can shoot RAW and do the work in PS or
    PSP. Someone else indicated that for such processing inside a camera,
    it will take a lot of work in their tiny processing software. So, I
    assume that this has not been done.

    However, I notice that some expensive DSLR cameras have over 50
    focusing points, and perhaps they can also detect the variety of light
    exposure within that 50 portion of the picture frame. I wonder if such
    info can then be processed by averaging or other methods to capture a
    broader range of light exposure in a photo. Is there a discussion
    about what model and brand cameras that have such capability, or even
    provide options on how to handle the different dynamic zones that
    captured by the camera.... something like processing and combining/
    blending different exposures to produce a single one (or more) that
    will be stored as the final JPEG products after a shot in the digital
    memory card. Some cameras has the AEB capability in which they take
    3-5 shots with different exposure. Is there a camera that can also
    produce 3 or 5 or more varieties, reflecting the blending and/or
    combining of light exposures? Or is all expensive cameras such as
    Nikon D300, D1, or Canon 1D, 5D are infact already have this feature?
    I heard that Fuji Pro DSLR is known for wide dynamic range and
    therefore used a lot for a wedding photography. Could someone comment
    on this, whether the technology in this camera is about getting the
    most varieties of light exposures in a photo?

    The bottom question is whether HDR photography has been or can be
    accomplished using expensive pro DSLR cameras, and therefore there is
    no need to do it in a PS or PSP. Or, if this will be coming as new
    feature in future DSLR cameras.

    Thanks for info.
    , Oct 14, 2007
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