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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by SomeOne, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. SomeOne

    SomeOne Guest

    Would Appreciate Some Assistance

    I have two (2) stand alone DVD burners. A LiteOn LVW-5005XS and a LVC-9006.

    In addition, I have a Matshita DVD-RAW UJ-831S on one of my computers.

    I am interested in doing three things:

    (1). Want to burn some old VHS tapes (commercial) to DVD. They are rapidly
    approaching 15 yrs and will probably die within the next year. There is a
    problem with copy protection. Am considering a "DVD Red" to bypass that.
    Problem is that the stand alones just state "protected disc" on their system
    screens when I try that. The machines will not burn. So no screwed up
    picture, it appears that it reads the macro vision and just precluded the
    machine from operating. Anything else on the tapes that would cause this.
    Any suggestions?????????

    (2). Want to backup my DVDs. Believe original is for backup and will use
    dup as primary to play in players. Do not want to edit or alter the DVD,
    just dup. Suggestions please????????

    (3). Want to take the DVDs that I burn on the LiteOn-s and edit them.
    Primarily to remove commercials. I send them to my kid who is stationed
    overseas. I am hearing all sot of stuff about how DVD+R/RW can't be read by
    editing software on a PC. That when you burn with DVD+R/RW you get both a
    Video_RM directory and a Video_TS Directory. That if you use DVD-R/RW you
    will not get the Video_RM directory (and that this directory is for back-up
    only). I burned a DVD-RW and the Video_RM was there so - so much for that
    problem. Am I going to run into problems with this??? What is the best way
    to accomplish this task. Suggestion please?????????

    Appreciate any help

    Some One
    SomeOne, Jun 17, 2007
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