"98, XP, Vista, Vienna+" - I need your Help!

Discussion in 'MCDST' started by Bo, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Bo

    Bo Guest

    Hello World;

    Can someone tell me what is the "intrinsic" difference between
    Microsoft Windows 98 SE , XP Pro SP2 , Vista Ultimate, and the prototype
    that is Vienna+ ?

    This may seem too simple a question, but what is the "core essential
    difference" between each of these OS's beyond and beneath the superficial
    differences that we are all accustomed too? A technical explanation would be
    most welcome.

    One thing that forever puzzles me is this: Why did Microsoft release Windows
    98 in 1998 and then just THREE years later release Windows XP in 2001. But
    from Windows XP to Vista we had to wait a whole SEVEN years. And yet, now
    Microsoft will release Vienna only 2 years after Vista?! What is the pattern
    here? Why did Microsoft wait so long to come up with Vista after XP was
    released, but in such a hurry to release Vienna right after Vista?

    Vista to XP is a HUGE jump, a jump that many are not ready or willing to
    make for many different reasons. One would think that by 2009 just when the
    general public has barely gotten adjusted and comfortable with Vista
    Microsoft would be out of its mind to release Vienna and basically force/PUSH
    everyone to upgrade again, to another so called "faster"/"better"/"more
    secure"/ etc OS? And thus the headache begins even before the last one
    cleared? Why?? Why when XP works just fine should we make the transition to
    Vista only just to be told once again that its obsolete and we NEED TO HAVE
    the latest and greatest shiny brand new OS called Vienna from M$FT?

    But onto may last and real reason for this posting... I believe IMHO that
    Vista is Windows ME (Mistake Edition) II Reincarnated... For this reason, I
    would like, to the maximum extent possible, to stay with Windows XP
    Professional SP2 & SP3 (?) for as long as possible, perhaps until 2014 when
    Microsoft Officially drops all support for XP. The only way I would switch to
    a new MSFT OS is if in 2009 Vienna turns out to be an elegant, efficient,
    powerful, intuitve and truly robust Operating System of the future. I
    generally like technology and advancement. I watch Star Trek. But The way
    Microsoft is going I have my doubts, but if ME->XP sets an precedent,
    perhaps, just perhaps Vienna would be the successor to XP whilst Vista is the
    successor to ME.

    I am hoping in 2009 Microsoft will actually "WOW" us with a 'perfect' (near
    perfect) OS that is Vienna. Vista is really, well lets just say I don't like
    it much and my opinion of it isn't going to change because of a service pack
    or two, especially when Vienna is already on the horizon and we all know how
    fast MSFT sunsets a previous version of Windows the moment the next comes out
    so it can Pimp it out and whore the pockets of Billy Bill Gates and Ballmer.

    Until then I am sticking tightly to Windows XP Professional SP2 PERFORMANCE
    EDITION. But the QUESTION is how? How can this be accomplished?

    Will XP still be a valid OS in 2012? What if I buy a new computer in 2010
    and want to reformat with an XP OEM? Will there still be support for older XP
    drivers from manufacturers in 2010/2012?? If DELL/HP/etc doesn't support
    anything XP by then, can I build my own PC to the specs where each and every
    hardware component is fully compatible with XP and drivers exists for XP??
    I've heard some Bios manufactures are in bed with Microsoft and some newer
    Motherboards will only run on Vista?!? This is bad news for me... Is this
    going to be more and more of a prevailing trend?? Is there any way around

    To conclude, I know the XP OS will always be around, so to speak, but will
    it still be a generally usable OS into 2010-2015 era? 98 is still around, but
    we don't generally consider it an usable OS even for daily use purposes
    anymore. Especially if I buy a new computer in 2008-2010, how
    practical/possible is it for me to reformat and install XP and get all the
    hardware and drivers working? Will most software companies such as adobe,
    autodesk, norton, etc drop software support of XP? (ie will all programs only
    be written and compatible for Vista in 2009?, or will they still have XP
    backwards compatibility built in?)

    What about games?
    If I stick with XP it means I will stick to DX9. I don't care about DX10,
    but my ONLY worry is it games in the future drop all support for DX9 then I
    won't be able to play new games at all no matter how fast my video adapter is
    because XP has no support for DX10. Will this mean I must switch to Vista to
    play any games at all??? And now the new "VISTA ONLY" games, Halo 2 I don't
    care about, but what happens when the next version of Microsoft Flight
    Simulator is VISTA ONLY? I'm a hardcore simulation fan, but as of now, I'll
    pass on both Vista and FSX as they are of similiar quality and construction.
    FS9 on Win XP is smooth as silk, FSX on Vista is NOT a good combination,
    trust me... If other software, appware, and gaming companies follow's
    Microsoft's lead and start making VISTA ONLY games or DX10 ONLY games, then
    I'm pretty much out of luck? What happens when newer versions of 3ds max,
    photoshop, autocad, Matlab, cadence, etcetc all start dropping XP support one
    by one??? Maybe Vienna will come soon to save the day? How an I extend the
    life of my XP for as long as Boeing has extended the life of the 747??

    Truth be told, if it was up to me I'd still like to be running Windows 98 SE
    on my personal computer. I like to have CONTROL of MY PC, control of my
    hardware and software. Despite the dinosaur that is '98 I am reminiscent of
    the days when I actually had real access to my PC.

    Compared to XP and especially Vista, 98 has almost zero overhead and is
    super fast.
    XP takes a little more control from the user, dumbs things down a bit and
    assumes we
    don't know what the heck we are doing, and is generally a more bloated OS.
    But its
    not up to me, these days no good apps have 98 support and generally 98 too
    obsolete to be of any use. That's the nature of technology and the inherent
    and instrinsic property of computing/IT. We all understand that.... But still
    I wish it could have gone down a different path.

    Vista, it goes without saying but I will say it anyway, is a nightmare. Now
    the user is
    the virus and we are not supposed to trust overself, instead trust the GOD
    that is MICROSOFT... Everything is dumbed down and Vista assumes we are all
    noobs and this is our very first operation system. It locks us down and locks
    us up, not so much from viruses but from ourselves, it gives total control of
    our system to Redmond and Washington DC, and Hollywood. The entire operating
    system is compromised and the only 'security' there is is we are securely
    locked to M$FT and Big Brother....

    Vista Starter Edition is really a Big Joke right? Vista Starter disables all
    incoming network connections and you can only have 3 programs running at the
    same time! WTF?! That's only two programs more than DOS ran, and we are
    talking about an Operating System that is almost 20 years advanced!! Now I
    fully understand Vista Starter is aimed for developing nations, but that just
    pores salt on the wound. You're supposed to pay more for more advanced
    features, not pay for a crippled OS and then pay more to UPGRADE to an
    uncrippled one....
    These sames users in developing nations are much better off staying with XP
    than purchasing an half-ass handicapped and mentally retarded OS that reports
    every action back to Redmond and Langley, and one that slows down their
    computer to a crawl (if M$FT expects developing nations to be on a tight
    budget, then MOFT knows they wouldn't be running state of the art PCs) and
    then having to spend money on top of that to upgrade hardware just to run
    Vista as fast as XP, all that work just to get back to square one and not
    even... Am I the only one who sees Bill Gates has no clothes?

    Its not just Vista, its the overall disturbing trend of Microsoft. I wonder
    if the next version in 2009 will require us to submit a blood sample to
    validate our identity with Microsoft as part of the Windows Genuine Advantage
    everytime we want to download a new wallpaper that has been digitally signed
    by Microsoft.

    Speaking of Windows Genuine Advantage, its really been nothing but a total
    and complete DISADVANTAGE for me the user as far as my own personal
    experiences are concerned. I see how it is a hugh Genuine Advantage for Bill
    Gates at Microsoft, but Windows Activation and the likes really screwed me up
    not to long ago. I had to replace my motherboard because when I was flashing
    a new logo to my PC the power went out, I bought a new bios but my old one
    was soldered onto the board so I had to desolder it but damage some of the
    tracks so I ordered a new Mobo. A week later my Mobo comes in and I'm so
    happy to get back and going, everything went fine up to until XP loaded and
    at welcome screen it frooze just to tell me I have to reactive.... Now its
    midnight and I contact MSFT and needless to say its a freaking hassle to
    waste 30 minutes on the phone speaking to someone in India who I don't
    understand and who doesn't understand me, .... finally I got it to work with
    autophone activation after about 20 tries... Where is the advantage in that
    for being a GENUINE customer?! I might as well have gotten a pirated version
    from boot and never mess with this freaking hassles...... From a user
    practicality standpoint, it surely didn't pay to be Genuine... This is what I
    get for being a honest person? Know I understand why so many people pirate
    Windows, not just for saving money, but headaches down the road.
    Bo, Jul 21, 2007
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  2. Bo

    djpimpdaddy Guest

    Imressive rant.....

    As for the long wait in OS, I would rather M$ spend extra time
    debugging that code prior to releasing it to the wild. I have been
    playing with a copy of Vista Business at work and I can say that I am
    peasantly surprised with its performance. I just obtained my MCDST
    this past Winter, and I don't feel that it was a waste. I can see
    honest to God statistics and real life examples of how businesses will
    use XP for years to come. Hell, at my work I still have about 8
    Windows 98 machines still on the wire. As long as they are heavily
    firewalled, they still work for what they were built for so why change

    Genuine advantage is ok with me. It only seems to piss off people that
    use pirated software. So assuming that you are not a schmuck it should
    be ok with you as well. M$ does take a lot of flack over their
    licensing, however the more I realize how much stuff in this world
    would just stop running if they decided to board up the windows and
    close the shop...::shudders at that thought::

    I used to be a mac fan back in the day. But it just makes sense to
    embrace M$ at run with it. In a pure Microsoft environment, it runs
    PERFECTLY. If you ever get the chance, go see a live demo at a
    Microsoft branch near you. Sign up for them on Technet. You wouldn't
    believe the stuff you see. I remember going to see a demo of
    Sharepoint Services before it was out. I was in a room full of Network
    Admins and CIOs from big companies from the surrounding areas, and
    everyone in the room was impressed.

    Vista has it's hangups, but EVERY SINGLE OS DOES in its first year. As
    for gaming, yeah you are going to have to upgrade because about every
    single popular pc title that is worth a damn will require high powered
    video cards and DX10.

    Just keep repeating and it will settle in eventually: "Microsoft Vista
    Business with Office 2007.....Good...."

    djpimpdaddy, Jul 23, 2007
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