70-306 passed

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by Luca Brasi, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Luca Brasi

    Luca Brasi Guest

    i passed today 70-306.
    In Italy, 38 questions.
    I used a lot of SelfTestSofware test exam, MS book (very poor of
    information, it is a sort of summary of the exam argouments), Que
    (great!) and TestKing.
    Luca Brasi, Feb 22, 2005
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  2. Luca Brasi

    Luca Brasi Guest

    >>and TestKing.

    > Not so great.
    > You cheated your way to a certification.
    > Enjoy it.

    Luca Brasi, Feb 23, 2005
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  3. Luca Brasi

    Luca Brasi Guest

    FrisbeeĀ® wrote, On 23/02/2005 16.32:

    > TestKing provides actual questions from the real exam, along with what they
    > think are the correct answers. If you used TestKing as a "study guide" then
    > you had advanced knowledge of the actual test questions, hence you cheated.
    > While I realize that you possibly may not have known this, a little research
    > in the newsgroups beforehand would have informed you of such.

    ok, and what's the difference between self-test or transcend and testking?
    Luca Brasi, Feb 23, 2005
  4. Luca Brasi

    Luca Brasi Guest

    > Self-Test is approved by Microsoft
    > From what I understand Transcender was once a br@indump like Testking, but
    > have apparently cleaned-up their act.
    > The difference is that while they provide questions that are SIMILAR to the
    > actual exam, they are not word-for-word the same. Yes, there is a big
    > difference.
    > I sense that you have no remorse for your actions. Pity.

    But what can you know about my remorse?
    Who are you?
    you're not authorized talking me in that way, my dear.
    I've spent 3 month in exam preparation, a very hard work, and i take
    test, yes, with Testking, 'cause I wanted to know something about real
    You couldn't say me in which way I should prepare for the exam!

    See you.
    Luca Brasi, Feb 23, 2005
  5. Luca Brasi

    Luca Brasi Guest

    Rigth... I was too happy for my cert (NOT for my paper), and I got busy
    with an useless talk.

    Just for records, dropping down flames:
    - I work on day, I REALLY studied on evening and weekends for this cert
    (ok... as A LOT of people)
    - I didn't look for chating my way. There are many honest, moral men on
    this earth: I can't say by myself if I'm one of them... but I do my better.
    - Saying that until I took real exam I didn't know the difference
    between SlfTst and TK is ingenuous; but I know I don't lie, and that's
    all for me.
    - Ok, ok... you're rigth when you say a Self-Test and a TK aren't the
    same game, and I know it by now. If TK wouldn't exists, you couldn't
    have ANY doubt about my studies. I give you this point.

    I'm now on my way for 070-229, and the more I'll learn from this exam,
    the more I'll be happy, regardless of a cert "paper" (if I'll ever take it).

    Luca Brasi, Feb 24, 2005
  6. Luca Brasi

    G.V. Guest

    "FrisbeeĀ®" <> wrote in message
    >> Who are you?

    > Your worst nightmare. An honest, moral man.

    to say the truth, you sound like a man having a lot of spare time and quite
    a few psycological problems. Honesty does not give you right to judge
    everyone aroud - ignorance does.

    I want to congratulate Luca Brasi for passing the exams - he said he studied
    a lot to do this, and no anger problems having individuals should bother
    your :)

    honest future MCSD :))
    G.V., Feb 27, 2005
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