2950G duplex bug?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by edavid3001@gmail.com, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Cisco 2950G, latest firmware (12.1(14)EA1) seeing our ports which are
    hardcoded to 100/full switching in the middle of the night to
    AUTO/AUTO. The HP servers connected to the switch are forced 100/full
    so this causes major problems.

    Searching the Cisco release notes, I don't see a fix for this or
    anything mentioned. The only hardcoding is done to 100/full. No

    Anyone else experience this?
    , Jun 13, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Sorry, but are you saving the configs? Maybe you don't have to
    on that platform? I have this idea that some IOS Catalysts don't
    have a seperate running and startup config, however I hope
    that I am wrong. sh ver shows the uptime.

    One workaround would be to see if having everything on Auto
    would work correctly.

    If you have religious objections to this, another would be to set
    everything to 100/Half. Then if one end went to Auto you would still
    be OK.

    If you are worried about the potential loss of throughput you could
    always do a test. In many situations I suspect that the loss of
    performance would be minimal or approximately zero in terms of
    'user' performance if you changed to HD.

    I now *absolutely* favour Auto/Auto until proved unsatisfactory, and
    it has not been so proved for years.
    , Jun 14, 2005
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  3. Guest

    Show VER shows the switch has been up for months.

    AUTO/AUTO is how most of our ports are configured. This switch handles
    only Proliant servers. The Compaq/HP NIC Drivers supplied do not
    negotiate correctly with Cisco switches. This is documented in various

    The result is either one end goes to 100/half and the other 100/full
    when set AUTO/AUTO on both ends, or the NIC constantly re-negotiates.
    If we don't use the supplied HP Agents (Drivers) and use the Microsoft
    ones, this problem goes away. However there are features we need that
    these drivers supply.

    This rack is full of these 1U/2U servers. And the NICs on some of them
    average 50% utilization, per MRTG. One misconfigured piece brings all
    servers in this rack to a crawl.

    If AUTO/AUTO did work on these drivers, I'd use it. I use it
    everywhere else.

    We've swapped in a different 2950G to see if the problem is with this
    unit. It's occured 3 times so far on this one switch. I am unaware of
    our other 2950G's having this issue. That is why I ask if others have
    seen this. I cannot find any Cisco document describing this problem
    on a 2950G.
    , Jun 14, 2005
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