120 releases listed for week 30 (2004-07-19 / 2004-07-25)

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    120 releases listed for week 30 (2004-07-19 / 2004-07-25)

    [Category: Action/Adventure]
    Big Boss (Legacy Edition)
    La Femme Musketeer (Full Screen)
    Out Of Reach
    Return Of The Dragon Pack (2-Disc Set)
    Sloppy Joe & The Heartbreak Gang

    [Category: Action/Comedy]
    Air America: Special Edition

    [Category: Animation]
    Computer Animation Journeys

    [Category: Anime]
    Aura Battler Dunbine #7: Mysteries of Byston Well
    Aura Battler Dunbine #7: Mysteries of Byston Well (w/ Box Set)
    Azumanga Daioh #3: Rivals!
    Beyblade #1: Season 3 (Edited)
    Beyblade #1: Season 3 - Beginning Of The End (Limited Edition / Edited)
    Beyblade #2: Season 3 (Edited)
    Beyblade #2: Season 3 - Revolution Begins (Limited Edition / Edited)
    Blue Gender: Warrior Feature (UnCut)
    Gravion #2: Knights of Gravity
    Heat Guy J #7: Revolution
    Heat Guy J #7: Revolution: Special Edition
    Orphen II: Revenge: Vol. #6
    Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat #2: Nyu!
    Pokemon Advanced #1: A Ruin With A View
    Pokemon Advanced #2: Tree's A Crowd
    RahXephon: The Motion Picture
    RahXephon: The Motion Picture (Limited Edition w/ Box)
    Zoids: Chaotic Century #3: Rematch

    [Category: Comedy]
    Big Bounce, The (2004/Fullscreen)
    Big Bounce, The (2004/Widescreen)
    Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen
    Goodbye Girl (2004)
    Revengers Tragedy
    Starsky & Hutch (2004/Fullscreen)
    Starsky & Hutch (2004/Widescreen)

    [Category: Comedy/Drama]
    Miss Lettie And Me
    Stage & Spectacle: Three Films By Jean Renoir: Criterion Collection

    [Category: Documentary]
    Commanding Heights: New Rules Of The Game
    Commanding Heights: The Agony Of Reform
    Commanding Heights: The Battle Of Reform
    Grace Kelly: American Princess
    How's Your News
    Kennedy Mystique: Creating Camelot
    Nova: Inside The Human Body Digital Field Trip
    Nova: Search For A Safe Cigarette
    Real Bruce Lee 2, The
    Secret Lives: Hidden Children & Their Rescuers During WWII
    Tickle In The Heart
    Young Kennedy Women

    [Category: Drama]
    Barbershop Blues
    Caught On A Train
    Dead Pigeon On Beethoven Street
    Deadly Friends
    Early Summer: Criterion Collection
    Islands In The Stream
    K Street
    Lion In Winter (Artisan)
    People I Know
    Pharaoh's Army
    Port Of Shadows: Criterion Collection
    Titanic (1943)
    Vector File, The
    Word Of Honor

    [Category: Family]
    In Your Wildest Dreams
    Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
    Nicholas' Gift
    On Our Own
    Rigoletto (Goldhil)
    Seasons Of The Heart
    Thomas & Friends: The Jet Engine (With Toy Train)
    Thomas & Friends: Thomas & The Jet Engine
    Thunderbirds #6
    Thunderbirds Are Go
    Thunderbirds: International Rescue Edition
    Willy The Sparrow

    [Category: Fantasy]
    Highlander 2: The Quickening: 2-Disc Special Edition

    [Category: Foreign]
    Ark, The
    Broken Wings
    Bus 174
    Carmen (2001)
    Crimson Gold (Talaye Sorkh)
    Happy Birthday, Lola!
    Password: Una Mirada En La Oscuridad
    Polvo Enamorado (Dust Of Love)
    Pruebas De Amor (Test of Love)
    Scam, The
    Scarlet Flower
    Unfinished Piece For The Player Piano
    Viva Zapato!
    Waiting List
    We Need A Vacation

    [Category: Late Night]
    Crazy Chicks: Devil's Cove
    Romance Pack #4

    [Category: Mature]
    Girls Gone Wild #2: On Tour

    [Category: Music]
    Doors Of The 21st Century: L.A. Woman Live

    [Category: Musical]
    Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

    [Category: Mystery/Suspense]
    Hands Of A Murderer: Sherlock Holmes & The Prince of Crime
    Human Stain, The
    To Have & To Hold

    [Category: Special Interest]
    Freeway Speedway 5
    Gospel According To Jesus, The
    Just The Facts: The United States Bill of Rights & Constitutional Amendments
    Just The Facts: The United States Constitution
    Just The Facts: The United States Constitution & Bill of Rights (2-Pack)
    NBC News Presents: Ronald Reagan

    [Category: TV Classics]
    All In The Family: The Complete 3rd Season
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 2
    Boomtown: 1st Complete Season
    Combat Season I: Campaign I
    Combat Season I: Campaign II
    Foyle's War: Box Set #2
    La Femme Nikita: The Complete Second Season
    Millennium: The Complete First Season
    Ponderosa: Season 1 Vol. 1
    Sealab 2021: Season One
    Soap: The Complete Second Season
    Starsky & Hutch: The Complete Second Season

    [Category: War]
    Castle Keep

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