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Ultra m998 Mid-Tower Chassis

Ultra m998 Mid-Tower Chassis Article Author : unholy
Date : 10-19-2007


The m998 interior is quite extensive, with a large amount of space and some new features Ultra have decided to include in the m998 package.

The chassis itself is quite sturdy without the motherboard tray or the side panels. The Motherboard tray slides into a small slot and is screwed in internally and externally.

The chassis has some additional cable management for the front IO connectors, these cables are also removable.

Both HDD racks are removable and only one needs to be removed in order to access the front fan.

Moving onto the insides of the front panel some nice features appear. The eSATA/Firewire/Audio connectors are actually a PCI bracket in which can be replaced to enable the use of switches for lights or just add more front USBís. (The Front USB connections are separate from the PCI bracket)

The front fan has a dust filter cover which can be cleaned or replaced quite easily.

The motherboard tray, this can be removed from the rear of the case. The motherboard tray has a mirror finish. The tray has the rear 120mm fan attached to it, also the Ultra power bar (which will be explain more later on). I found that the tray was not completely sturdy the rear of the tray where the PCI slots and fan are attached will flex however this is fixed when any expansion cards are attached.

The power bar, this is a new and useful feature in which Ultra has added to this case. It allows the distribution of power to occur along a PCB instead of running wires everywhere, its how Ultra has decided to combat the cable management problem.

I was at first slightly confused with the 8 Pin PCI-e connector and its compatibility with the common 6 pin, the only difference is a slight slit between two poles of the connector.

This case just continues to please me, and nothing is better then a massive space for your power supply or even a non standard power supply. The Plate that screws to the power supply and then to the case can be rotated flipped or even replaced for what ever purpose, and to top off that the space for the power supply is massive, you can easily fit your 2 kW power supply with space to spare, or if you just have extra cables you can hide them (like I did).

The side panel is quite a simple window, nothing to fancy and thatís the way it should be. It should always be left up to the owner to do what they please with the side panel. Although I am not a fan of the small ducts this one is no different to the rest, the grills for the duct and the VGA panel are quite good, never hurts to advertise your favourite cases manufacture at a LAN.

Despite all those nice things there are a few problems I would like to note about the interior of the case. There are two problems both quite minor but are still existent and should be fixed. The first is the front fan cable, it is not long enough to reach the plug on the motherboard, I know that an extension cable could be used, but not everyone has one laying around, it only needs to be lengthened by a couple of cmís. (It just doesnít reach)

The second problem is not so much a problem but something for some uses to be aware of. It concerns the Audio Module on the DFI LanParty boards. The module sticks up a small amount from the rear IO plate on the motherboard. The fan on the tray in factory position for me would not allow the module to pass under it, I only needed to unscrew the fan install the motherboard and then screw the fan back on. (Just in case some people have problems) The clearance there is 1mm or less.

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