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Thermaltake DH-101 VF7001BNS

Thermaltake DH-101 VF7001BNS Article Author : Ian
Date : 11-23-2007

Software and Media Lab

The Media Lab Kit is the core of the HTPC side if this product and it is a pretty extensive design. The design works on the idea that the remote should be able to completely control the computer. Starting with the power button the Media Kit turns the computer on. The Media Kit is not made by Thermaltake, it is a OEM package from the SoundGraph iMON series. However it is integrated into the chassis to match perfectly.

The insides of the Media kit are located all in the face plate.

On the right hand side of the front plate there are some controls these are connected to the Media Kit, they provide functionally like the Volume/Mute Knob, and other various buttons.

The LCD of the Media Kit is a Graphical VFD; it can display anything from text to simple pictures. The LCD also contains small lights for different options or things operating, and a small spinning disc.

The IR Remote is very useful, it has all the buttons you could ever need for a remote, including the ability to move the mouse or enter buttons like a keyboard. The Big Pad in the centre of the circle is the directional pad, instead of buttons a touch sensitive pad is used, its very responsive and works quite well for navigation and mouse movement. The top section of buttons is for Play/Pause, stop and so forth. At the bottom of the remote there a media navigation buttons to make the switch between Video, Music and Photo’s quick. The button in the centre of the remote is the quick launch button, which can be assigned to launch any program.

The remotes IR reception is quite sustainable in a straight path with no objects or glass in the way; however the IR receiver can only take a small angle between the remote and receiver. If you plan to place the HTPC way above the TV, or way to far on the side then reception may annoy you.

There is two different pieces of software that are included with the Media Lab Kit. The first is iMON, iMON is the software that functions with the Remote and LCD, iMON allows you to open applications, change the volume, and so forth. The LCD part of iMON allows you to display information (as shown above) from emails, to weather and even as simple as the current time.

The second piece of software included is iMEDIAN; this software is identical to Windows Media Centre, however slightly different. After looking through iMEDIAN and its requirements to use iCASTER to access network videos and music, I decided that it was Media Centre with a different appearance and not as flashy. iMEDIAN just wasn’t my media software, fortunately the iMON software is designed to work with Media Centre, and for now I prefer it over iMEDIAN.

You may have seen this software and remote in other places that is because Thermaltake has used the SoundGraph iMON series of OEM remote and LCD packages. More info can be found at for software updates.

When I was looking through the Media Kit I found something interesting. The header plugs that plug onto the motherboard for the power switch were named GND and GND.

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