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Swissbit unitedCONTRAST 1GB

Swissbit unitedCONTRAST 1GB Article Author : Silverstrand
Date : 08-21-2006


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The Swissbit unitedCONTRAST comes packaged just like its big brother, the TwistPro, in a plastic container that showcases the actual product. The plastic packaging is glued together in small sqaures, so you know if the package has been tampered with.


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Just like its big brother, there is no included lanyard, USB extension cable, CD with drivers or an instruction manual. Yet, there is the amazing TravelitEasy, software. (Please note that the following reviews of the included software are from the TWISTPRO review). Oh, and not to forget, a thumb cap. :P

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TravelitEasy is more complete with a setting to allow you to set up email accounts as well as sync options: Internet Explorer Favorites, My documents, and others. There is even a feature to leave a calling card with details of owners address ect and any reward offered, hopefully though no one will have to ever use it, but in reality itís a possibility. So no matter were you are you just have to plug in to a pc and the device will grab you mail as well as sync with other files in My Documents (ideal for carrying work around).

Here is an extract from the TravelitEasy website explaining the software:

"Travel it Easy offers the USB Flash Drive user a variety of useful functions. An intuitive and friendly to use user interface allows access to the different options. Those concerned about security issues can choose to password protect their data so even if the Drive is lost or stolen the data remains undisclosed to intrusive eyes. And that is not all. Travel it Easy features the USB Drive Lost & Foundô function that allows the finder to read a HTML file containing the userís contact information but doesnít let him access the data stored on the USB Drive. With the My Documents synchronization function the user can choose to synchronize the entire My Documents folder or only selected subfolders with his USB Drive in a very easy way. The Outlook Express function enables the user to copy his Outlook Express user identity and all the data (like e-mails, contacts etc.) on to the USB Flash Drive and then work with them on a remote PC. Emails can be sent, contacts added and then all the data can be transferred back on the original PC easily with just a few mouse clicks. A practical function, especially for those who do a lot of traveling."


To test just how speedy the MiniTwist is, I opened up SiSoftware Sandra and ran a File System Benchmark against a opponent 1GB thumbdrive, the Sony MicroVault.

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