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Sunbeam 20 in 1 Superior Panel

Sunbeam 20 in 1 Superior Panel Article Author : Ian
Date : 06-29-2005


Every now and again new things pop onto the market. Today we have a 20 in 1 panel, which has 20 different things in one as the name perceives.

Sunbeam Tech are well known for their top quality Cold Cathodes and other modding products, but this product is a leap in their doing. They would normally make it for mainly the modders but this is made for both modders and general users, it comes with a handy 6 in 1 card reader as well as front panel, such as Audio In, Out, and Microphone. RCA for input or output, 2 USB's, 1 Fire wire, 2 SATA (because they are used for hot swapping) and last, the main aspect is the Fan Controller with thermal probes and LCD Display.


Well If it goes in a box I say sweet, but most people want to transport it around their country for purchases and or gifts. It fits in a snug box no bigger then my two feet, probably not the same height but not much bigger then a CD or DVD drive box.

What you get

You get all the leads, the panel, the 2 thermal probes and some screws with stickers!


  • The Panel
  • 4 pin header to USB (for the Card Reader)
  • 2 USB to USB pin header (Panel Headers)
  • Line In, Line Out to Pin headers (Panel Headers for Sound)
  • 2x Thermal Probes
  • 2x Chassis Fan Extension Cords with Speed Plug
  • Power Cable
  • RCA Male to RCA Male
  • Fire Wire to Fire Wire Pin Header (On Panel)
  • Glue for Thermal Probes
  • Stickers for the Fan Controller
  • PCI Plate with hole for Plugs

The Test Computer

  • A AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 3000+
  • Gigabyte K8N Ultra SLi
  • Mushkin PC-3200 Level II Version 2 CAS 2
  • Gigabyte ATi X600PRO 128mb
  • Single SATA 80gb 7200rpm Hard Drive
  • Standard 450w Power Supply.


Well this part the easiest, though it does require a bit of cable tying for those with side panels. But you just mount it like you would mount any other CD/DVD Drive or Fan Controller. You screw it in and plug it up. Drag the cables you want through the hole in the PCI plate (included). And wa la!


I have to emit this is a pretty fine Panel it saves me from getting out my camera's USB to Camera Adapter, and even allows me to easily transfer to my mobile phones MMC Card. But the fan controller that's one of the best I have seen though, it doesn't seem to give a boost, though it still does seem to drop the fan to off mode, and it dims the lights on a LED fan right off, now that's something I like. After all this you might think why bother, I say "why not bother?". You get all this stuff, a new front panel for audio, USB, fire wire and so forth, Card Reader and a LCD with a nice fan controller. I recommend you do get one, but the only flaw out of all this I would have to say it the leads running to the back of your computer, but if you cable sleeved it there would be no worries about. So if your looking for a card reader and your going to get a Fan Controller why stop and by 2 separate when you can buy them together with extra front panel connections! That's why I say this product receives the* "Pure Genius" award, because it adds everything a common person or even a pro modder, would need in one fine looking drive bay.



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