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Spire Rocketeer 500 Watt Power Supply

Spire Rocketeer 500 Watt Power Supply Article Author : bigal
Date : 03-17-2006


Are you looking for a new power supply (PSU)? This review is concerned with testing the new Spire Rocketeer SP-500W, a very modular PSU that will turn heads and spin fans. Is this an SLI-certified PSU? No, so if you need to power dual-videocards you had better look elsewhere. Actually, Spire does make an SLI version in the 600W size, so check their web site for details on that PSU if you have a dual-videocard system in mind. But if you are running a single-videocard system, even with one high-power videocard and lots of hard drives (SATA power connectors are provided too) and optical drives, then this could be the PSU for you. The retail price is about $100 USD.

Spire ( has been in business since 1991, with a global presence and production facilities located in China. They have achieved ISO-9001 and ISO-9002 certification (I don't know the level however), which is a quality rating that's not to be taken lightly. Needless to say, this PSU has perked Big Al's interest!

The Spire Rocketeer SP-500W arrived safe and sound at Big Al's Test Labs

Packaging and What Do You Get?

You get a nicely wrapped and throughly protected product from Spire. I have no complaints at all, regarding their packaging.

In the box we have:
  • Spire SP-500W modular PSU
  • Fancy cables
  • Manual
  • Screws
  • Power Cable
  • Tie Wraps

Lots of information can be found on the PSU package, and once you dig inside, just look at the fancy cables!

Bubble wrap surrounds the PSU body, protecting the titanium finish. No scratches were evident.

  • Peak Power / Rated Power: 550 / 500 Watts
  • 3.3V Output @ 26A
  • 5V Output @ 36A
  • 12V1 Output @ 20A, 12V2 Output @ 20A
  • Switches: ATX Logic on/off power rocker, 120mm Fan on/off
  • Color: Titanium
  • PFC: Active
  • Cooling System: 80mm Fan, 120mm Fan (thermally activated or switched on with 120mm fan switch)
  • Noise: moderate (80mm fan), loud (80mm + 120mm combined)
  • Efficiency: >75%
  • Unit Size: 150mm(W)X86mm(H)X160mm(D) {standard PS2 form factor}
Modular Cables
  • ATX 20-pin X 1, EPS/BTX/ATX V2.2
  • ATX 4-pin X 1 (24-pin combined with 20-pin)
  • P4/12V 4-pin X 2 (8-pin combined)
  • HDD 4-pin X 2 (2 on each cable)
  • FDD 4-pin X 2 (1 on each cable + 1 HDD 4-pin on each cable)
  • SATA 15-pin X 1 (2 on 1 cable)
  • PCI-e 6-pin X 1 (for 1 videocard)
Summary: 6 HDD connectors, 2 FDD connectors, 2 SATA connectors, 1 PCI-e connector

Here you see all the cables that attach to this modular PSU. Also, note the current rating of the two 12-V outputs.

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