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Spire Pininfarina

Spire Pininfarina Article Author : Silverstrand
Date : 05-28-2007

A Closer Look

The front panel of the Pininfarina creates a very streamline feel. Hidden is a door with with three exposed 5.25" bays and two 3.5" bays, and hidden as well is the IO Panel. Lifting up on the top curve exposes the IO Panel with all of it connections.

When opening the left panel the user will get access to the motherboard and drives, just like on any other case, but doing so with the right panel yields a much different result, as Spire has lent a helping hand during the installation process. When opening the right panel, the motherboard tray separates itself from the case and opens on the hinge. So while the Pininfarina does not have a removable motherboard tray, this option is first-rate as the motherboard can be removed from the interior compartment without taking out any of the expansion cards.

Taking a look at the cooling features of the Pininfarina, there are quite a few changes to be seen. The fan duct over the CPU is 120mm rather than 80mm or 92mm, which will let out much more air; there's a removable brace with an 80mm fan mount on the access side of the case and on the motherboard side of the case there's an 80mm fan located to the forward center of the case. This fans purpose is to allow you to use the 3.5" external bays and the HDD mounting above the HDD cage for mounting even more hard drives without the worry of your high RPM hard drives becoming to hot. There is an 80mm fan in the rear that will allow for some cooling, but not nearly as efficiently as a 120mm fan, like that of the fan duct, could have.

With the left side of the case open, and the brace removed, we have a plain view of the drive cage. The drive cage is tool-less and holds a total of four drives. It's held in with a combination of a clip and a thumbscrew. Removing the thumbscrew and lifting the tab on the clip allows the cage to slide back slightly then pivot back and out to allow for easier loading. Honestly, I was confused at first at how to remove the cage due to its unique yet intriguingly useful pivot. Pulling the cage further out removes it completely and hidden away underneath it is the accessory box containing the drive rails, the PC case speaker and the screws and standoffs. The 5.25" bays, and the external 3.5" bays all share unique locks. They consist of a main body and a center toggle. The ingenuity of this design is that it allows for non-standard devices with the same distance between the front and rear screw holes to fit with the Pininfarina’s non-standard distance from the mounting holes to the front panel.

The power supply is also very easy to install, although you do have to remove the rear plastic shroud. With a little force this plastic cover can be removed and the power supply can be screwed into place.

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