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Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition

Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition Article Author : unholy
Date : 09-20-2007


After reading about the TripleHead2Go I was impressed, after looking at it in real life I was even more impressed, and then I played around with itÖ itís no toy thatís for sure.

There are many ways to approach the multi-display market, whether it be making special video cards that support 3 monitors or you take a very neat and handy approach and use a TripleHead2Go. The TripleHead2Go is just perfect for its application, it may have some setbacks in that you will need a dual-link DVI or high resolution VGA output video card, but with 7600GTís like mine hitting the USD$100 mark. If you have ever tried to get games to run on dual monitors before you would know itís a pain, the TripleHead2Go takes multi-monitor gaming to another level.

However, the benefits donít stop there, there is more. If you are looking at buying a setup for a 3 monitor display for what ever reason, the TripleHead2Go is probably your best pick. The TripleHead2Go may cost more then buying two cheap video cards, however the benefits of having the ability to run games over three monitors and the ability to use a full monitor as opposed to 3 separate ones. Which will prove useful in certain software that may run a Hardware Accelerated Video Card environment. So you say buying cheap video cards is the better option? Well no, if you run multiple triple monitor displays at your company or even at home, or maybe you just go through a new video card each year. The cost of buying your first set of video cards and then replacing them, is more expensive than buying a single video card and a TripleHead2Go. This is because the TripleHead2Go doesnít need to be replaced when your replace your video card, which makes it quite useful if you get new computers every now and again or you want to have 3 computers linked to the 1 set of triple displays.

The TripleHead2Go is not just easy to use, itís portable, and because it is powered from USB, no transformer packs or external power supplies are needed, just plug it in and youíre ready to go. The speed of set up is handy for presentations, or if youíre a gamer that likes to attend LANís, then the TripleHead2Go is perfect for you.

  • Small and Portable
  • Easy to Install and uninstall
  • Strong Metal Casing
  • Use of both Digital and Analog, even though itís a Digital Edition
  • Use USB for powering the unit, instead of an external power source
  • High Resolutions (3480x1024)
  • Support for non 4:3 Aspects
  • Not only Supports Triple Head but also Dual and Single
  • Can be used as an Analog to Digital converter
  • Very Effective device to implement Triple Displays
  • More Cost Effective over time and saves spending large amounts of money to purchase a dual card setup
  • Great Software, works on Windows Vista (Thumbs up to Matroxís Software Engineers!)
  • EMI/RFI Filtered Cables
  • Works with laptops, and because of the USB power source makes it able to work from the laptopís battery
  • Support for a large array of games (may not support every game however, Matrox are always updating the list of supported games and are also working with game developers to add support)
  • RoHS compliant. Keeps a lead free environment
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Backed by the leader in Multi-Display solutions
  • Cables supplied are quite short, and wonít reach to the top of an ATX tower case (this may be a problem, however the short cables prevent loss of signal, or signal distortion which may be a problem with larger resolutions).

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