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Corsair Voyager USB Flash Drive

Corsair Voyager USB Flash Drive Article Author : Ian
Date : 06-29-2005


In this review I will be looking at the Corsair Voyager. How fast it is compared to other high performance USB Flash drives. Now for anyone who doesn't know who Corsair is then they should look at some of the high quality and high performance ram for both gaming machines and workstation or server machines.


Contents, features and specifications can be found on Corsair's website.

  • Rubber Casing
  • Fast and Easy Data Transfer
  • Anti-Shock
  • Data Security
  • Plug and Play (Normally Pray but it works)

Packaging & Contents

Well inside the package we get the Flash Drive, a USB extension cable, a driver CD (has a few utilities to format, password and so forth) and a neck string. You also get a large 10 year warranty, now I like that, most other drives just crap them selves after the first year, this one proves its not going to give out for 10 or so years, I wonder what type drives we will have then...

The packaging is very simple, but you will need to get a pair of scissors, this shows you what you need.


Testing for this review was done on the follow machine.

Part Running Speed
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 2.08Mhz
A7N8X-X 333FSB
512mb Generic Ram 400mhz
GeCube ATi Radeon 9200se 128mb Normal
Corsair Voyager 128mb USB Flash Driver USB 2.0
Microsoft Window XP Pro SP2 n/a
Normal Cooling (1 fan) n/a

Benchmark The benchmark program used for this test was Si Software Sandra 2005 Lite.

Benchmark Results
Combined Index : 2750 operation's/min
Endurance Factor : 6.9
512B Files Test : 2428 operation's/min
32kB Files Test : 4356 operation's/min
256kB Files Test : 1185 operation's/min
2MB Files Test : 202 operation's/min
64MB Files Test : 7 operation's/min

Performance Test Status
SMP Test : No
Total Test Threads : 1
SMT Test : No
Dynamic MP/MT Load Balance : No
Processor Affinity : No

512B Files Test
Read Performance : 24099 operation's/min (201 kB/sec, 1x)
Write Performance : 884 operation's/min (7 kB/sec, 0x)
Delete Performance : 2106 operation's/min
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 2428 operation's/min

32kB Files Test
Read Performance : 13538 operation's/min (7220 kB/sec, 41x)
Write Performance : 1835 operation's/min (979 kB/sec, 5x)
Delete Performance : 4588 operation's/min
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 4356 operation's/min

256kB Files Test
Read Performance : 3268 operation's/min (13943 kB/sec, 79x)
Write Performance : 480 operation's/min (2048 kB/sec, 11x)
Delete Performance : 2881 operation's/min
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 1185 operation's/min

2MB Files Test
Read Performance : 436 operation's/min (14882 kB/sec, 84x)
Write Performance : 85 operation's/min (2901 kB/sec, 16x)
Delete Performance : 1623 operation's/min
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 202 operation's/min

64MB Files Test
Read Performance : 14 operation's/min (15292 kB/sec, 86x)
Write Performance : 3 operation's/min (3277 kB/sec, 18x)
Delete Performance : 156 operation's/min
File Fragments : 1.0
Combined Index : 7 operation's/min

Endurance Test Status
Operating System Disk Cache Used : No
Use Overlapped I/O : No
Test File Size : 32MB
Block Size : 512 byte's
File Fragments : 1

Endurance Benchmark Breakdown
Repeated Sector Rewrite : 346 kB/s
Sequential Sector Write : 262 kB/s
Random Sector Write : 31 kB/s

Total Size : 124MB
Free Space : 124MB, 100%
Cluster Size : 2kB

The other thing that amzed me, is that higher priced USB Drives such as the Sandisk Cruzer Titanium Failed to beat this awesome device. But one device did, the DiskOnKey Classic 2.0 (new) at higher speeds of 23mb/s read and 14mb/s write, but in price terms this one defeats the DiskOnKey (New). The price for the DiskOnKey is around $50-60 dollars, and the Voyager is only $22, which shows that the DiskOnKey has more performance, but the Voyager is more for Value for money.

Destruction Testing

This drive is not just backed by corsair but it has a very strong rubber casing, unlike the Sandisk Cruzer Titanium which has a hard casing able to support 2,000 lbs. The Corsair Voyager, which I tested, was able to support the weight of me and my computer case, I couldn’t find anything in my house that did weigh 2,000 lbs, but my fridge was one risky place to put it. The Corsair Voyager also has a large amount of force protection, dropping it off a 2 store building straight to cement wasn’t even enough to take the lid off let alone refresh the chips inside, dropping this in water is one risky thing but I wasn’t gain to test it, knowing that drive can do this I am assured that is can with stand some sort of water protection, from low density drinks such as water up to high density drinks such as beer or wine.


I would have to say, this is one of the best USB flash drives I have ever tested, it has all the protection features, such as, Password, and physical protection such as if its around your neck and you accidentally split some coke, if won't affect it. Unlike some of the other flash drives, you don't have to get a new one each year, because they come with a 10 year warranty and it is has been backed by Corsair.

If I were to purchase a flash drive, this would certainly be the one I would get, it's not very expensive and it comes in various sizes reaching all the way to one gig. Thats is exactly why the Corsair Voyager USB Flash Drive recieves ISH award.



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