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C4 N-Gen 16x30 MONSTER Mouse Pad

C4 N-Gen 16x30 MONSTER Mouse Pad Article Author : Ian
Date : 06-29-2005


The mouse pad is probably the most stagnant of all computer accessories. What's even more interesting is that you don't really need one, as most optical mice nowadays are adept enough to work on almost any surface. Yet for some reason almost everyone still uses some sort of pad whether for comfort, improved performance or something purely psychological. Yet, CSHyde believes that their new mouse pad will surely change your mind.


Contents, features and specifications can be found on CSHyde’s website.

-Over-sized 16" x 30" x 0.009”
-Copper Teflon Surface
-Includes Teflon Mouse Discs

Packaging and Contents

The C4 N-Gen MONSTER arrived in a large tube, which was quite a surprise, as I'm used to seeing boxes at my door. After taking it out of the tube, you’ll see it’s packaged in a small plastic bag like casing with the product details in the center.

Inside the package you'll find the included teflon mouse discs to improve your mousing experience.


The mouse pad has two unique sides. After you remove the protective material, the back side is shiny and looks like camera film. Amazingly it does a great job of preventing the pad from slipping. While it is possible to move the C4 N-Gen, once your hand is on the pad it won't budge. The front is a Teflon surface. I’ve yet to see any mouse surface made from Teflon, it creates a flat surface and allows for quicker, smoother movements. And because there's no fancy artwork or anything that would upset an optical sensor, tracking is very accurate.

The mouse pad is smooth to the touch, lightweight, and is a portable material, yet it bends very easily. CSHyde cautions not to bed or crease the material, instead roll it up for transport. Being it is Teflon, you are be able to iron out any crease if you happen to get accidentally crease it. The material takes extreme temperature (up to 500F) so a house hold iron works for most creases. "Deep" creases cannot be ironed out.

The mouse pad is extremely large. Above is a picture of it compared to the Razer eXact Mat. This is a good thing though, as you can cut the material to any shape and size on your own using scissors or a knife. You can also have CSHyde cut the material for you to a specifec deminesion or shape.


The C4 N-Gen MONSTER is definitely a choice to consider when shopping for a mouse pad. It's big, stays put and provides great tracking. Serious gamers and general enthusiasts alike will be pleased with its performance. You are also sure to be the first with a Teflon mousing surface.



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