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How to round your IDE/FDD cables

How to round your IDE/FDD cables Article Author :
Date : 07-09-2005

Since this is my first mod for this site I decided to do something a little easier then some other mods I have done in the past. I will be increasing the difficulty in later mods so for all you mod experts out there hold on tight cause Iíll be doing some crazy stuff later.

WARNING: is NOT responsible for any damages inflicted upon yourself and/or your equipment!! Please take care when attempting this modification.


Floppy and IDE cables
Exacto Knife
Very Sharp razor blades
Electrical tape (they come in various colors)

***Notice: You can get all of these supplies at your local hardware store for about 5 bucks except the IDE and Floppy cables, take them out of your case.***

In the first step I took the IDE cable and then by using my vast mathematical abilities I was able to calculate about every ten wires would be a good place to set your razor to start the cut. (For floppy cables I used 8 spaces instead of ten due to them being smaller in width.)

Press firmly to cut through the cable sheathing. Make a cut along the cable parallel to the wires about an inch long. (The longer the cut the more of a chance to cut the wire so be careful.)

***Warning: The wires are very close to each other, be careful not to cut the wire it might be ok to barely scrape the wire with the blade, but DONíT CUT THE CABLE. (Remember to cut up the road and not across the street.)***

After you have made the cut, make sure you have enough room to pull the two sections apart. All the way to the ends, to the IDE/FDD connectors, be careful not to rip the wire or else there is no repairing it.

After you have pulled the wire all the way to the IDE/FDD connectors, you should have one separate section that is smaller than the main cable like in the photo above.
Continue to do this with the whole cable.

***No these are not all the same cables.***

After you have done all the cutting and tearing you should have 8 strips for one IDE cable and 4 strips for a floppy cable.

Now overlap the sections of the cables into one nice neat package.

Now in the middle of the IDE cable start wraping the cable together with the electrical tape. Other people may wrap it in different ways, because everybody has different tastes, you have to try out what you like.

Isn't it nice to see the cable at maximum efficiency

Final Result


Better airflow
less than 15 bucks you would have to spend on an online store


Cables become stiff.



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