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Tip::Paging on Demand.....

Jignesh Desai
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Most of you must have worked on paging feature of DataGrid. its works fine
as long as you have more no of records to show, but if you have configured
20 records per page and no of records you retrieved is less then 20 then
also pager gets rendered at the bottom of the grid showing "1". most of us
do not bother about it , but Clients ,,,uff...but after all client is a
client...if you also encounter such things this is how you solve

If DS.Tables("Emp").Rows.Count > MyDataGrid1.PageSize then
MyDataGrid1.AllowPaging = True
MyDataGrid1.AllowPaging = False
End if


I do hate to write these extra lines of code, I hope that .NET team at
Microsoft will incorporate this feature inbuilt in DataGrid itself in their
next release. what do others say...? any better ways?

ya perhaps this could have been reduced to one line also eg.

MyDataGrid1.AllowPaging = ( DS.Tables("Emp").Rows.Count >
MyDataGrid1.PageSize )

Anything better then this?

Jignesh Desai

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I usually Inherits from the datagrid and add this feature. Seems to do
the trick

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