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#Region equiv. for aspx or add-in creation possible?

Ken Dopierala Jr.
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I'm creating some large custom controls and I'm getting annoyed by all the
markup they create. Is there a #Region equivilant for HTML in .aspx pages
to expand and collapse it? If not, is there one in VS.Net 2005? If there
is, is there a way in my ControlBuilder to put these tags outside the parent
tags of my control and programatically set them from my UIEditor? I would
like to put a checkbox in the UIEditor and property in the property window
to let my users set whether they want to see all the markup or not (they
could still expand and collapse in the code editor manually, but would also
have the option elsewhere). If none of this is available is anyone
interested in creating a VS.Net Add-In to make it happen? I've never built
an Add-In before so I don't even know if the hooks are there to do this or
not. If someone has experience doing Add-Ins and wants to try this let me
know. I'm hoping though that I'm just totally missing something that is
already there. Thanks! Ken.

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Visual Studio .NET 2005 supports code collapsion for most SGML based
langauges. This means that you can collapse pretty much any node that
spans more then one line. This is extremely useful.

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