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Re: Need a quick look
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On Friday, January 17, 2014 2:48:13 PM UTC+1, j wrote:
> I tossed this together last night and it could stand a quick look for
> appearance and such:

> Text is done with an @font-face.
> I think it is "OK" for a programmer. I wanted it to have a touch of
> refinement, not something that is in my wheelhouse!

> Opinions?

> Jeff

i checked your css
you use a semicolon in the end of the "src line + \n"

font-family: 'Fertigo Pro';
src: url(/fonts/Fertigo_Pro.otf);

but i think "src and format" can go in the same line

@font-face {
[font-family: <family-name>;]?
[src: [ <uri> [format(<string>#)]? | <font-face-name> ]#;]?
[unicode-range: <urange>#;]?
[font-variant: <font-variant>;]?
[font-feature-settings: normal|<feature-tag-value>#;]?
[font-stretch: <font-stretch>;]?
[font-weight: <weight>];
[font-style: <style>];
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