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Re: PDL Questions - Dec. 21, 2013

Rainer Weikusat
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"E.D.G." <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:


> Python and Fortran look dependable and versatile enough to be
> regarded as reliable. Perl is undoubtedly reliable for expert,
> professional Perl programmers. But if beginning and intermediate
> level programmers such as myself can't get important parts of Perl
> running without a tremendous amount of trouble

I started to use Perl around the mid-nineties, with no prior programming
experience except as a (teenage - early 20s) hobbyist using Turbo Pascal
for DOS and a little bit of C++ for Windows and OS/2[*] and while I
gladly restricted myself to the more shallow areas, I found using the
language to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish (which was not
necessarily always a sensible or even just remotely viable way to
accomplish what I should have accomplished) no great obstacle.
[*] I also implemented a few intolerably slow OO-systems using some Lisp
implementation which worked on DOS.
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