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need some help with this program, I am stumped appreciate any input,thank you

Andreas Leitgeb
Posts: n/a
Lew <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Joerg Meier wrote:
>> Jeff Higgins wrote:
>>> Joerg Meier wrote:
>>>> john wrote:
>>>>> An Armstrong number of three digits is an integer such that the
>>>>> sum of the cubes of its digits is equal to the number itself.
>>>>> For example, 371 is an Armstrong number, since 33 + 73 + 13 = 371.
>>>> By the way, your question isn't even correct: 3*3*3 is not 33, 7*7*7
>>>> is not 73, and 1*1*1 is not 13. Also, 33 + 73 + 13 is 119, not 371.
>>> We still haven't found that missing caret.

>> Oh, that makes much more sense. I feel silly now.

> Oh, you aren't the one who should be feeling silly. Why would anyone
> assume the poster posted something other than what they intended to post?

I think, that on his screen, john may have actually *seen* a raised 3
after each of the 3,7,1. He just obviously wasn't aware, that text
formatting wouldn't make it through to many/most of the audience...

Alternatively, he might have typed the text with eyes on the keyboard,
and his keyboard layout may have the caret as a "dead-key". So, while
he might have typed a caret it just didn't show up, because he would
have had to press space-key to make the dead-key effective on its own.

PS: The silliness on my side includes (but isn't limited to) answering
a thread that's probably long since off the track...

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