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weird but it works

Jukka K. Korpela
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2013-12-03 11:36, Tim Streater wrote:

> I suggest you read this and note that error correction of broken html
> is reasonably well understood:
> <>

It's a rather verbose description and not particularly focused on error

Error correction is defined in quite some detail in HTML5. There are
just two problems with it: it's very technical, and it does not say
which parts just describe what virtually all browsers do and which parts
are normative only, i.e. prescribe what browsers must or should do.

This will change when there will good manuals on HTML5 (HTML5 books
published so far don't try to be manuals, they just tell about ideas and
show examples).

And then we will effectively have two versions of the HTML language:
1) Real HTML, which is what browsers process and are required to
process, and 2) Valid HTML, which is a very restricted subset of real
HTML, the language that authors "are allowed" to use, by the spec. There
is no big difference in expressive power, though.

The point is that once you describe that some error be handled in a
specific way, and observe that implementations actually do so, you have
effectively added a feature to the language. You can say "invalid", "not
allowed", "must not", "entirely obsolete", "anathema", "cursed", and
"evil" as many times as you like, but people can just ignore those words.

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